Michael Sata’ sangoma complains of being neglected

Michael Sata’ sangoma complains of being neglected

He rambles????


*By : Dr. Edgar Ng’oma-Philosopher*

*A Christmas message to all PF cadres sidelined by our party and its government*

President MC Sata, Papa , please listen to these lamentations if you are going to hear our cries, we are suffering, especially some of those of us who worked closely with you till the day you passed on.

I am going to mention below a few of them and we need a signal from you.

Papa those who were insulting you the most from the MMD today they are back and you can’t believe it they are the spokesperson of the government you and us sweated for a good 10 years , please Papa , give us a signal of what we should do with them.

Papa, those that beat our youths when we were in the opposition are back again in charge of our government in our strongholds, Lusaka and ,Eastern, copper belt provinces strong hold as ministers, please Papa give us a signal of what we should do with them.

Hon. Chishimba Kambwili and Hon. Harry Kalaba are no longer PF now, they run their own political parties,
Hon. Kambwili was haunted out of the PF party against his will and is now President of NDC while Hon. Kalaba is President of DP and he left PF on his own and formed DP because he was overwhelmed with what was happening in the government you left and resigned without telling the people specifics of the corruption which at his resignation he described as stinking.

Papa, please give us a signal of where to go, we want to stay in PF the party you left us with but we seem not to be wanted here because the MMD have invaded PF and they mock us calling themselves being more PF than some of us sidelined.
Please Papa give us a signal of what we should do with them.

Papa,Papa, Judge Ngoma, Gershom Siame ,George Chela and Panji Kaunda a few I can mention here among those that sacrificed for PF you left behind, are no longer part of your government and are suffering- papa, papa please give us a signal.

Papa , those 3 biological children of mine you sponsored to study abroad, as you told me as a way of thanking me for the sacrifice I made to enable you restle power from MMD were back from studies abroad 2 years ago and the government you left can not employ them even after telling the one in charge of recruitment at PSMD and it’s Chairman Mr. Chasaya, that please these are my own biological children, they are qualified with degrees, kindly give them jobs, the cry is falling on deaf ears.
Papa why did you go so quickly to be with the lord we are in trouble here and we are suffering, as I am writing this message to you here tears are rolling down my chicks – Papa why us? please, please give us a signal.

Papa the government you left 50% of it, is controlled by those that beat and persecuted some of us PF cadres in different forms. Because of that , our cadres who sacrificed with you in the tunnels and trenches are not able to visit those offices for help because those in those offices now , are looking after the welfare of their own people from MMD at the expense of our cadres.
Papa why don’t you come for 1 week and correct this trend after which you back to where you are resting, because the leader you left me with and instructed me to help become your successor has a very good heart and he means well for Zambians as a person but I don’t know why, he listens to lies from those that have self interests by telling lies about some of us who have fallen victims without calling us so that he hears our side of the reported stories to deffend ourselves but chooses to believe them and sideline us, why, why. Papa please give us a signal of what we should do these liars.

PAPA your cadres along Cairo road road vending there opposite your office at farmers house are every time they see me crying to me, saying ,Angoni these council police of our own government are grabbing our merchandise and chasing us from the street . The vendors are intoragating me like a criminal by saying ,you and Mr. Sata looked after us well and allowed us to sell on the streets, because you said you were going to take us all to the new sugar plantations you are creating across the country, there after there will be no need for us to remain on the street but before you give us the jobs our own council are grabbing our goods, Why Angoni , they are asking me.
I have nothing to tell them because our president doesn’t want me to see him so that I explain to him what the funders of the sugar project want to hear from the president in order to have political protection of their investment because the amounts involved is huge, tens of billions of dollars.

The vendors still ask but why Angoni our government which you and us suffered for so much to put in office has not given you an office so that you protect us from this council harassment? I have told them that let them wait because on Christmas today, I would be contacting you to get instructions on what to do next , this is the reason why I want you without delay to give us a signal before we enter 2020.

Papa, the asignment you gave me 21days before you went to where you are with the Lord, should look after Lungu because Lungu is my brother, in that meeting on ground floor of your statehouse office.
Present in that meeting were you, me and brother Lungu.

I want to report to you today that according to your own words that with you beside Lungu you were sure Lungu would become what he is today.
Today on this Xmas of 2019, I am happy to report that I was with Lungu 24/7 before you answered the call of the Lord while awaiting your departure in that hospital bed in London at King George hospital, I squarely executed my asignment and my brother till today is President of Zambia , but I don’t know why I am suffering today without any job to earn an income like he has done with some of my colleagues.

Papa,my brother Lungu in state house has forgiven all the worst traitors you know and 50% of them occupy government offices today except me and some of your poor loyal cadres who strongly believed in you mentioned above, I don’t know why life has been like this to us .
Please, please Papa give us a signal so that you instruct us what to do next as we enter 2020.

Papa, that case of Angoni clearing vs Attorney General on non payment of our fees by MMD government on clearance of presidential motorcade which as you came to learn later was a trap to close my company Angoni because I was supporting you.

Remember, the same MMD government courts granted us relief after my lawyer Likando Kalaluka while working with Ellis&Co. successfully worn that case against the MMD government to pay us what was due to us.
Papa even after you instructed in my presence your predecessor President Lungu where we were flying to Solwezi for that parliamentary bye election caused by Lucky Mulusa, to pay me when he was Minister of justice.

Till today from 2006 I am not paid my money surely the company that helped you form this same government has not paid my dues.

When I ask the same lawyer who won the case for me who is now Attorney General, he is saying for him it is conflict of interest now that he is AG.
Papa, things are not working out for me, these people have hardened their hearts against me, please give me a signal.

Papa that Airforce commander you left us with at ZAF, General Chimense and James chungu of Chita lodges, the one who sponsored PF and you all the way till the last rally in Mandevu by erecting a stage where you campaigned from to form government government in 2011, both are daily customers at our courts today.
I don’t understand why, but I can’t give you all the details now because the matters are still in the courts of law as it is contemptuous to do so now, but I know why he was haunted out of that office after doing everything possible according to your instructions in assisting my brother President Lungu to win 2015 presidential bye- elections , continued supporting the President till he again the crossed the 2016 election to secure a five year term of office after which he was kicked out of the office under very suspicious flimsy allegations.
But why life is like this papa , for us not to enjoy our own sweat?
This is why I want you to give us a signal .

Papa ,Sunday Chanda from MMD and Antonio Morihno Mwanza from FDD who verbally assorted and abused you and our party are now in charge of PF media team at the expense of PF cadres media journalists, and they have continued verbally abusing the opposition in the same way they did to us in the opposition. Papa I am now confused on why all this is happening to us. Give us a signal.

Papa, I want to confess to you today and let you know from the bottom of my heart that your successor who you refered to me as my brother in that final meeting we had with you before your departure to where you are today, after working with him I found him to be a nice man with a good heart and his wife Esther Lungu was very nice and kind to me throughout and I was very sure like you told me to look after him, I was expecting that they would also look after me in turn but till today, for three years now I have never entered state house and I have not been given reasons what wrongs I have done.
Because of this on 18 October, 2018 on a day my brother president Lungu declared a public holiday for the nation to reconcile against those citizens who have wronged each other to reconcile knowingly or for unknown reasons, I wrote to President Lungu an apology so that he forgives me for any wrong doing done unknowingly but till today he has not forgiven me but he has forgiven most of those that offended him and his party and it’s government ,but I don’t know why Papa this is why I am asking from you a signal. Please give me another instruction which I will take to Judge Ngoma, George Chela, Gershom Siame ,Panji Kaunda and those true green that are sidelined by this government.

Papa, your Son Mulenga Sata, Gee and the rest of the family I have no idea how they are doing but your loyal wife is still a widow as ambassador to France. Papa if you are happy with what I am reporting here then please rest in peace , but knowing you, I am very sure you are turning in your grave and you will surely give us a right signal on what next to do and I will tell everyone what instructions I get from you, of course after you first speaking to my brother President Lungu in spirit in his dreams the cries tabled here.

Papa, I want you also to know that in the government you left for someone to get a top job they have first of all insult our president, our party and our government calling it all sorts of names and then to be silenced they are given jobs instead of taking them to court for defaming the president, surely giving them top jobs in the government you sweated for with us for 10 years, papa what do we do with these people who are here now , we berg for a signal.

Papa, finally I want to report to you that since 2002 when I met to you at the shop for Mr. Roman Krupnic at Micmar along Lumumba road whenI told you that I had a special message for you and pulled you by the hand after you asked for talk time, screaming at me and I quote “Angoni Angoni. …! Give me talk time for my mobile phone “end of quote.

Remember, I told you that before FTJ was made president in 1989 God showed me a vision that he was going to be the next President of Zambia and that after that vision I told my Late Brother Necodmus Ng’oma and My biological mother about that vision.
It was there at Micmar where I told you also that after President Mwanawasa was sworn in God showed me another vision where I was driving towards Long acres roundabout from intercontinental hotel when I saw a traffic officer stop me at Longacres roundabout to allow a presidential motor carde coming from Omelo Mumba road at your house smooth passage, and then I narrated to you that after police motor cycles passed, then Police BMW escort cars passed then a presidential Mercedes Benz appeared with its windows down and who did I see? It was you inside alone heading to state house.
Then I told you that no matter what, one day you will rule Zambia .

I told you will not die before you rule Zambia.
I continued telling you that you will go through so much pain and persecution, frequenting police, DEC and even tasting jail of unbailable offences but you shouldn’t worry because God take you through a leadership college of Joseph , a favorate son of Jacob in the ancient region of Canaan in Israel . I told that eventually you will graduate into the highest office of land like it happened to Joseph who became prime minister for the Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt you too will be the president of Zambia.

I stressed the point to you that no matter what , you will one day be president of Zambia, at meeting at Micmar shop in January 2002 along Lumumba.

Papa I want to remind you for the benefit of the readers here that as years went by I used to warn you on what would happen to you on what government security wings were going to do to you by effecting a lot of arrest , throwing you in prison and out out of prison things happened exactly as I would have told you.
But what shocked you the most was when you were in Chimbokaila central prison in 2002 detained for trumpant charges of motor vehicle theft over a car given to you by Xavier Chungu because you were a system operative helping the system then as a consultant.

Remember one day when I went to visit you in your prison cell that I told you to say on the case currently detained for you would be aquited but you will come back to the same cell for another unbailable offence which will be as a result of the The Post Newspaper writing a headline on the front page that was going to cause government to lock you up on unbailable offence.

You then asked me to tell you how you could avoid that arrest , and I advised you that there was nothing I could advise you to avoid the arrest because it was God’s programme for you, and I was just a messenger of God to tell you what God was planning for you ahead before he ushered you in the highest office of the land.

Indeed after 25 days the courts aquited you and you called me to thank me for the truth I told you of what was going to happen to you.

Then after 3 years in 2005 the post newspaper like I had prophecied on its front page carried a headline and I quote “Sata incites miners on the Copper belt to strike “end of quote.

In that strike the miners were so violent to an extent of burning cars and vehicles on the road and damaged a lot of property on the copper belt.

Then you were charged for treason and detained at chimbokaila central prison.
I then came to see you in the very cell you were previously detained for motor vehicle theft and you said to me, and I quote,” Angoni freight how did you know about this arrest three years before this day , that I was going to come back to this prison cell with accurate reasons for my arrest. You demanded that I must tell you how because you were very shocked with my early warning information.
To which I told you that they would keep you in prison for two weeks ,and on the 15th day free you by entering a nolle prosque’.

Then I promised to tell you how I know when you came out on the 15th day of your detaintion.

Exactly on the 15th day you were taken to court and the state entered a nolle and freed you.

I am sure you remember that the same day you were released ,you came to my lodge at Kwazulu kraal resort in Chilenje with driver Philip who you later on gave a job as a driver at the ministry of chiefs when you became president of Zambia, I don’t know Papa whether Philip has been spared till this day or not.

Papa remember we sat outside on the veranda of apartment 2 at Kwazulu, while Philip sat at the bar which was run by Sam Zulu and Chileshe your two party security personal body guards at the time.

You then very inquisitively and looking very worried asked me and I quote
” Angoni freight please napapata, tell me how you were able to tell me exactly what would happen to me it happened?” You asked.
I then responded and warned you that only when you promised to keep the information to yourself because I have never revealed this power of descernment to anyone including my own relatives, my brothers, my mother and my wives to which you quickly promised not to whisper to anyone including your wife Dr. Christine Kaseba.

After that assurance I explained to you in detail my long ancestral history that I am a black Jew, a descendant of King Solomon from a relation he had with a virgin Queen of Sheba of ancient Ethiopia who slept with King Solomon and conceived a baby boy Solomon named Menelek.

In short this Menelek was the heir to the throne of her mother and started the dynasty of Emperor till in 1972 when Emperor Haille Selassie was last King of the black Jew monarchy a descendant of King Solomon.

I further explained to you that after 3000 years of Emperor Menelek’s rule a click of the royal blood men and women started an expedition which was very common those days when people moved without passports at a time when these boundaries we have today were not there, that a click of these men and women in their hundreds started off from land of Sheba in the present day Ethiopia, crossed the land today known as Kenya, Tanzania, through to the North of Lake Malawi in present day Kalonga district into mocambique, all the way to present day Kwazulu natal. Today those black Jews are known as Nguni speaking people here in Southern Africa mispronounced by Bembas as Ngonis in Zambia who came from Kwazulu natal with Zwangendaba as their leader and King .

I talso old you that Nelson Mandela, mbeke, Zuma and Shaka Zulu were all the descendants of King Solomon through Queen of Sheba.

In conclusion, I told you and asked you whether you had watched the movie Shaka Zulu to which you answered in the afirmative.
I explained to you about the role of the Insang’oma in the movie to which you said you understood the role of the Insang’oma which was of advising all the Zulu Kings of God’s mind guiding the Kings how they must administer their rule over the black Jews his chosen people as descendants of Abraham.

I remember explaining to you by asking you a nother question to whether you knew my Surname? which you quickly mentioned that I was Ngoma after which I corrected you that I was not Ngoma but NG’OMA.

I then explained to you that “Isa” means “of the” in Zulu.
Now since that clan of the Zulu called Ng’oma that has powers of descernment who today live in Dumaland in Present day Kwazulu Natal were called “of the” Ng’oma in Zulu language they were called IsaNg’oma.

*In conclusion*

I explained to you that I am a descernment of that royal blood of King Solomon a “Ng’oma ” and because of having the powers of descernment which you have witnessed up to this time and which you will continue to experience, you may call me IsaNg’oma whose powers of descernment you should never ignore.

From there you started calling Sangoma instead of IsaNg’oma, you again misprounced my name but I let you call me Sangoma till the day you went to be with the Lord.

But surpringly you didn’t keep your promise of not revealing the information above to anyone, I came to know when you were still alive that you couldn’t keep that secret to yourself but revealed to two people namely Dr. Chileshe Mulenga current Home affairs PS and also to your then VEEP Dr. Guy Lindon Scott, because one day when you sent me to be political advisor to VEEP Scott, he told me in Chipata at Luangwa house when I had no seat, he invited me to seat on the same seat he sat and he said to me and I quote, ” you high Priest of my Boss come and seat with me here “end of quote.
I was very shocked that you revealed that secret between us.
Then at Mulungushi conference where all leaders of opposition gathered to form a coalition in order to defeat the MMD RB Banda leadership you misbehaved yourself and outside the new Hall as you sat on a rock puffing a cigarette, at the time Dr. Chileshe Mulenga was the Acting Secretary general of PF and I was far watching you, then I saw him approach me saying to me and I quote ” Dr. Ngoma please come and help us by talking to your friend Sata, because look he is misbehaving there, it only you he can listen from” I asked Dr. Mulenga why it was only me he could listen to? to which he said he, President Sata confessed to us during a meeting one day and he said and I quote ,” that there is only one person I would not ignore his advice, it is Dr. Edgar Ng’oma, Angoni freight a sangoma, because what ever he advises will remain true and helpful to our cause and if you do not take heed whatever happens to you it is your own fault” ended Dr. Mulenga.

I then walked to where Mr. Sata was seated on a rock and whispered in his ears and I quote ” Mr. President this behaviour you have exhibited is uncalled for, I know you don’t want to be in coalition with any party in order to defeat the MMD, but you can refuse in a sober manner by going inside the hall”. To the satisfaction of Dr. Mulenga President Sata immediately stood up and straight went in the where president Nevers Mumba of NCC party was, BY Mwila ZRP Party and late Ken Ngondo PP party .

Then Dr. Mulenga came to me and said thank so much Sangoma, then I knew you didn’t keep our secret.

Why I told you to keep it as a secret the powers of descernment from revealing to anyone because of the information of what was made known to me which I couldn’t share with you then and which I cannot still share with anyone today reading this Xmas message.

But Papa ,when you gave me an instruction to look after President Lungu 21 days before you went to be with the Lord, while you were in London I told president Lungu that you were not going to return alive from the hospital you had gone to London and that he Lungu would be the next President of Zambia after you, and quickly I turned to my sister in law Esther Lungu and I told her that “you Mulamu in 100 days from now you will be the first lady of Zambia,” and these are the two reactions I got from President Lungu and now the first lady his wife Madam Esther Lungu.

I quote” My brother don’t say that because President Sata is still president and nothing will happen to him he will return and continue to be the President of Zambia to which I objected and told him that no, president Sata when he called us in that office you and me and told me and never said anything to you, looking straight at me and he said, Sangoma from today don’t report to this office, report to Lungu’s because I want you to help Lungu to see you through to the mamoath task laying ahead of you because he knew and said with you Sangoma around, Lungu will be guided properly to get to his destination ” end of quote. So I reminded My brother Lungu at his Lewanika close home behind state house these instructions you had given me.

Then, Mulamu Madam Esther Lungu’s reaction was in venacular language Nyanja and she said I quote ” Aah !Mulamu osa kamba so, ise tingakhale a First lady ise? A first lady baliko ba Dr. Christine Kaseba ! to which I responded without wasting time, and told both of them president Lungu and his wife that ” Dr. Kaseba would be the former first lady after your husband here (me pointing a finger at brother Lungu, )is president, you will be the mother of Zambia and you will look after all of us ”
End of quote.

Papa today these two I have never visited them at their new house called Nkwazi house where you were living , I don’t know why.
From rumours I heard that Kaiser Zulu and Emmanuel Chilubanama told President Lungu that I was a confused fellow and I should not be given any job in his government after carrying my assignment diligently without any mistake in the 2014.
In that task around President Lungu
I had four critical roles to do after your dimise

1. The brand director to the president.
2. Image builder.
3. Political advisor.
4. Social media Assistant to President Lungu.

After a successful delivery of a new President to Zambia in 2015 till today I am languishing. For example today 25th December 2019 I am stuck with no food at home, no fuel.

But Papa those who were insulting you are in full swing celebrations today party after party when me and your cadres are hungry without food.

please papa I know clearly their fate, if they do not listen to what I will advise President Lungu before the end of this year, there is going to be no option but spend most of their retirement from their political life in correctional prisons across the country to produce maize to feed the nation.

Papa please give us a signal because if you are happy with what is happening to us and you choose to keep quiet, God has already provided and given me option B and I will instruct all your people to follow me where I will take them.
END. ……..

*By : Dr. Edgar Ng’oma – Philosopher*

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