Michelle Manda, Sidigue Gondwe, the engagement scandal

Michelle Manda, Sidigue Gondwe, the engagement scandal



Michelle Manda and Sidique Abdulla Gondwe Geloo-
The Lusaka engagement scandal!
“We got engaged but I was set up, cries Sidique”
Michelle Manda is a well known and sophisticated old slay queen without a crown or throne for her many sex scandals!
She was once “married” to two brothers of President Levy Mwanawasa’s. She was living with one, when he died she moved to the other, who also died.
Widowed twice from same family! Anyway that’s a
story for another day!
Anyway this earned her a foreign Service posting.
She was in foreign service and her last posting was as Zambia’s Deputy Ambassador in Malaysia.
She struck a long-distant relationship with another
Zambia f*ck boy-Sidique Abdulla Gondwe Geloo.
Sidique is a former sweet and choir-boy at Dan Pule’s Dunamis Ministries and was a member of a Christian
gospel group called; “ the tribe called Christians”
But now he is well known gigolo, player and consorts
with married women. His friends say he is a
suspected bi-sexual who lives in Atlanta, Georgia, in
the USA.
Sidique came to Zambia for his annual December
holiday visit and before he left last weekend, got
engaged to Michelle Manda.
Now Sidique says he was framed and that he was
trapped into an unplanned engagement and full
In the video on our Facebook page,  the two are saying engagement vows
before a man of God and are wearing matching
He has since disowned both the engagement and
He has since posted a fresh picture with his known
girlfriend!m Rudy Madondo!


Tuesday 16January

CHEATER and conman Sadique Abdullah was summoned by police after Michelle Manda obtained a call out against the promiscuous American based liar.

Sadique is allegedly accused of conning Miss Manda, a lecture at Cavendish University, of monies amounting to K1.2 million in guise he wanted to start a business in Zambia so that as they get married, they are are financially stable.

“What I have picked here is that it’s like this man has been dating the woman and it was planned that they get engaged. So in the process Sadique borrowed
a sum of K1.2 million from the woman so that he could start a business in order to sustain themselves in their new marriage. So the lady said she didn’t know he had other relationship and that is how they arranged for everything. She told us that they agreed it should be private and he was hoping no one would know. So we have established that Sadique obtained money by false pretense. According to the Woman, it’s like he tricked her into believing they are dating and engaged so that he could dupe her money,” a police source has said.

Sadique made headlines after his images and a video went viral of his engagement party with Miss Michelle M Manda.

After being exposed, Sadique nullified the engagement and claimed it was forced on him because he wasn’t aware of it.


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