Middle finger for Kabimba and fellow Zombies

Dear Editor,

I wish to express my deep felt disgust towards this confused man called Kabimba Winter. This morning I listened to morning news with nausea when I heard Winter Kabimba telling the lawyers for Mr. Rupiah Banda that they should stop issuing political statements, that they should just wait for Mr. Banda to appear in court! and Winter even went on to say that the decision they took of removing the immunity was a decision made on behalf of the Zambian PEOPLE!

Winter is indeed a useless idiot, who told him that Zambians cant make decisions? He shouldn’t take the Zambian people for granted. If the true Zambians were given a chance to make a decision on the former head of state immunity they could have done the best decision in the most true legal style.

The true Zambians respect their constitution. Winter and his fellow Zombies are just plunderers and that’s why he has wet dreams of being president of Zambia. It will not happen, if the worst comes to the worst we will put your homes in Lusaka beginning with your house winter. Don’t forget Zambians know where you fools stay. You can’t hold the Zambians at ransom,…..the decisions of you few cant not nullify the decisions of us millions of people. If he wants to dare us let them dissolve parliament so the Zambians decide who to put in State House. Sata is a fluke. And now God is punishing us for forcing our stupid ego’s to put Sata in State House (I didn’t vote for him though).

What he (Winter) and that fake Fred Mmembe is doing will even put them  in worse trouble.

Fred Mmembe is a branded thief already. He has interest, just like Winter now also have personal interests. Fred Mmembe is using Winter and foolishly Winter thinks he is very clever, I was not surprised to hear that Matibini tweet of a speaker sinking so low.

Matibini is dull. To be honest with winter all Zambians showed you and Matibini plus Fred a Middle finger!




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