Miko Zulu sings about government corruption using ‘Bwezani’

Miko Zulu sings about government corruption using ‘Bwezani’

Zambia’s reggae artiste Maiko Zulu has released his 7th album titled ‘Bwezani’ in which he sings about corruption and bad government in the current regime.

The current president of Zambia is Rupiah Bwezani Banda.

Miko Zulu

The release includes two instrumental pieces ‘Black Angels, White Devils’ and a 2009 recording called ‘Judge Jury and Sexmates’.

The project is a follow-up to the 2010 ‘Ju$tice For Hire’ album and opens with a C.R.I.$.I.S produced Reggae/Hip-Hop track produced by Angel Eyes which features Lithuanian Rock musician Andrius Mamontovas on guitar and back vocals. Mamontovas is also collaborating with Maiko on a Save the Children project.

‘Bwezani’ is next and it tackles a whole rangeof governance issues from the failed constitution, lack of drugs in hospitals, dishonorable Members of Parliament, national plunder, the ZAMTEL tender and the Auditor General’s report,and many other government vices.

The track expresses numerous national concerns using the word ‘Bwezani’. Mamontovas plays Bass guitar on this bass and drum emphasized song.

Next is a revolutionary track called ‘Change’ which describes the dilution of political ideologies which are usually defeated by the day-to-day poverty and corruption in many communities. It is also a song of inspiration and aspiration for the youth who are the bearers of change as has been recorded by history many a time.

‘Titemwanenge’ is a first for Maiko as he sings in Tumbuka language for the first time in his musical career. It revives memories of the Star Market days in a mellow but up-beat tempo with a particular emotional attachment. This should be a welcome variety for Maiko’s real fans that will certainly identify with the track.

Track 5 is ‘Abuja 15%’ which is a challenge to African governments who made promises in Abuja towards the budgetary allocation to the health sector.

It features Cactus Agony  and 2wice. The track was Maiko’s hit song at the Kampala African Union Summit in 2010 where the Zambian thrilled audiences with the uncompromising messages in his music. It has also been the theme song for the Fair Play for Africa Campaign of which Zulu is regional goodwill ambassador.

The Dread Arts produced album has Maiko’s 11 year- old daughter Mwiza harmonizing with Sista D on back vocals. The CD will be available at Sounds outlets around Zambia and online at www.zamtunes.com

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