Miles Sampa finally manages to bribe chief Mwanachingwala

Southern Province Minister Miles Sampa has finally managed to pay Chief Mwanchingwala of Mazabuka to betray his subjects and other chiefs over the movement of two districts.

Over the past few days, Sampa has been sweating to try and influence chiefs to back government decision to move Chirundu and Itezhi Tezhi from  southern province.

But on Thursday, Sampa finally hit gold in Mazabuka when chief Mwanchingwala agreed to be paid and issue a statement prepared by Sampa.

Mwanachingwala, who is sick, told a ZANIS reporter in Mazabuka that the resolutions by chiefs in Southern province who met in Choma over the re-alignment of Chirundu and Itezhi Tezhi districts by  Sata should be declared null and void because the resolutions were politically engineered by the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND).

Chief Mwanachingwala said government should not take the resolutions seriously because they do not reflect the views of the chiefs but the UPND leadership.

He said traditional rulers who attended did not know the agenda and were forced to travel by the opposition UPND which also paid them allowances.

Mwanachingwala was not at the meeting but laying sick in Mazabuka so it is suprisng how he came to know these things.

And Mwanachingwala has invited Miles Sampa to visit him at the palace again, probably to take the balance.

Sampa was in Mazabuka and met Chief Mwanachingwala and his children two days ago. At the meeting, he promised that government will evacuate the ailing chief once he issues a statement against other chiefs.

Chief Mwanachingwala also claimed that that Mazabuka central member of parliament, Garry Nkombo called him to fix an appointment to discuss the issue of moving Chirundu and Itezhi Tezhi districts to Lusaka and Central provinces respectively.

During the last elections, Chief Mwanchingwala was also used by the MMD to denounce the opposition especially current preisident Michael Sata.

Under the influence of money, Mwanchingwala issued demeaning statements against Sata to the effect that he is a dictator and that Zambia will end up in a civil war if Sata became president.

But this time even Chief Nalubamba of Namwala who is usually a puppet of the Post newspaper has decided to stand by his people and fellow chiefs.

When the Post went to him to ask what he thinks, Chiief Bright Nalubamba  urged President Michael Sata to rescind his decision to move Itezhi-tezhi and Chirundu districts away from Southern Province saying the proper use of presidential powers should be through consultation.

“When you are talking about traditional land, moving it from one province to another, it affects the chief. Itezhi-tezhi a few years ago was developed from Namwala district otherwise it is part of Namwala district, there is no way President Michael Sata can use his presidential authority to remove Itezhi-tezhi from Southern Province without necessarily involving the traditional leadership in a dialogue or in consultation,”


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