Miles Sampa accuses City Market manager of looting More than K12 M

Miles Sampa accuses City Market manager of looting More than K12 M

“Mayor orders removal of Market Manager, Mwenya Matafwali for these gross irregularities.”

Lusaka Mayor, Miles Sampa has exposed the massive financial irregularities occuring at City Market which is Lusaka’s biggest trading market.

In his letter to the Lusaka City Council Town Clerk dated 2nd April 2020, Sampa disclosed that City Market generated a total revenue of K13,626,242.12 in 2019 and only K60,000.00 was remitted to the LCC Main Bank Accounts.

He has directed that the Market Manager, Mwenya Matafwali be removed from his office at the end of his contract when it expires in July 2020.

He has however directed that Mr.Mwenya be removed immediately as Market Manager of City Market and be transferred elsehwere until his contractual obligations were fulfilled.

He said his previous attempts to ensure that the revenue collected from the market was remitted to the local authority was met with stiff resistance by the City Market Market Manager.

He bemoaned that City Market was the largest market in Lusaka and high revenue for the Council.
He stated that if revenue was remitted to the LCC accounts, paying salaries and wages for workers would not be behind by upto 4 months as the case was.

He said the Council had a mammoth task to respond to COVID-19 projects including converting the Dry Port into an interim bus terminus for Cross Border Buses.

He said the Council has to build toilets and inner roads at the facility.

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