Miles Sampa and his women problems

Miles Sampa and his women problems

*The Real Miles Sampa*

When Miles Sampa was picked as the preferred PF Mayor candidate amongst the other over 20 candidates, a cross section of Zambians, including PF members expressed shock and suprise at the PF decision.
Most people were suprised that PF would go for a flip flopping politician, who in a space of 3yrs was an MP, Minister, PF party Presidential candidate, President of a new party, then an alliance with Elias Chipimo, then support HH and UPND during the general election and finally begging for forgiveness and crawl back on his knees to PF.
But what has really shocked people who know Miles very well is how Lungu and the MCC chose a known, morally and financially bankrupt man in Miles Sampa.
Mr Lungu ignored intelligence reports on Miles’ financial situation and his childish, bullying and womanizing ways. But it’s not surprising Mr Lungu ignored the reports because he is not strong or bothered about his ministers moral standings or conduct e.g. Dora Siliya.
According to close sources and associates, Miles has been divorced because of his physical and verbal abuse of his ex wife, and his womanizing ways. While married, Miles has been having a long term affair with a young lady by the name of Chimuka Hampinda and other young ladies and women. When the long suffering Chimuka had Miles’ child, his wife finally decided to kick him out of the matrimonial home, after years of abuse and womanizing.
But even while he was still with his wife and mistress Chimuka, Miles was busy chasing every woman with a skirt. Among his conquests include his ex wife’s friends and Chimuka’s friends, famous socialist Iris Kaingu, Bwalya Mwamba Chikwanda, the daughter of Alexander Chikwanda, who has continued posting cryptic and mocking messages on Facebook about Miles since he was chosen as PF mayor candidate. Watchdog mistakenly called her Miles’ aunt. Maybe its because Miles calls Alexander Chikwanda his uncle. Sources close all parties have confirmed the affairs.
We challenge Miles to dispute this and we shall reveal the full list of Miles’ women. We apologise in advance to the women. It’s called collateral damage.
Apart from his womanizing ways, which everyone in social circles know, he is also a known bully, childish and according to reliable sources, has tormented both his ex wife and mistress.
Both were/are not allowed to have a social life, have male friends and very controlling, especially with Chimuka. That’s how and why his wife ran away.
This is the man likely to be the next mayor of Lusaka, barring a shock defeat to UPND’s candidate Kangwa Chileshe, as Lusaka is considered a predominately PF stronghold, from the disputed results of the 2016 general election.
Goodluck Lusaka residents.

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