Miles Sampa apologises to ‘offended’ Tongas

Lusaka Province Minister Miles Sampa has apologized to Tongas for his remarks that they should intermarry with Bembas in order to produce “Tonga President”.

Sampa made the off topic remarks in parliament last week where he also said there are only 12 per cent Tongas compared to 55 per cent Bembas.

Sampa told the watchdog that his apology comes after he got information that some individuals felt offended by his remarks which said were meant to be humorous.

He said that due to the fact that politics is a game of numbers he thought it wise that Bembas and Tongas should intermarry to allow integration and keep the spirit of ‘one Zambia one nation’.

Sampa explained that his statement was a humorous way of calling for tribal integration to promote saying he is against tribal politics and believes that all people are equal regardless of their origin.

The Minister said there is need to go beyond boundaries and mingle. He said he condemns any individual who attacks another based on tribal grounds.

He however apologized to all who found his satire statement to be offensive as it was done in good faith and not to injure certain individuals.

Sampa further said he has no reason to attack the Tonga people as he regards them as his tribal cousins due to the fact that he grew up in Southern Province and always advocates for national unity and believes intermarriages among tribes in the country is a good way to promote traditional integration.

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