Miles Sampa appoints himself father of dumped baby

Commerce Deputy Minister Miles Sampa has appointed himself as the foster father of an infant, which was recently wrapped in plastics and dumped at Lusaka’s Chreso Lodge.
Sampa visited the infant at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) where he said he was touched when he saw the story on MUVI TV news.
In front of cameras, which most likely he hired, the Matero MP said he would ensure that the welfare of the child is guaranteed.
There is a legal process that should be followed to take a child either as adoptive or foster parent.
You don’t just go and make announcements in hospitals or TV stations that you are now the foster child of this or that baby.
Being a foster father is a lifetime commitment and should not be used for politicking.
Among the steps is that experts from the ministry  should assess your suitability to be a foster father.
It is not only your financial standing they consider. They can also look at your conduct as a person and decide whether your behaviour is good enough for a child to grow under.
Miles Sampa likes making such promises.
When Ruth Mbandu was murdered, he pledged to pay any one who would provide information that would lead to the arrests of the people who murdered the former NIPA students.
Those people were arrested but Sampa did not pay anyone even a ngwee.

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