Miles Sampa endorses Lungu for 2021 elections

Miles Sampa endorses Lungu for 2021 elections


*PF Convention and My Endorsement for President Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu*

_By Miles B. Sampa_

Following the recent annoucement by the PF Secretary General Mr Davies Mwila that the party will hold a Convention mid this year, I wish to speak on the topic as most party members are already doing.

Ceteris paribus (other things being equal), prudence and as most political parties will do, is to delay their Conventions until after the 2021 General elections.

The Party SG’s pronouncements guarantees harmony in a party towards the always vital general elections.

The call by PF top leadership is clarion and more so given the party’s experience in 2008 when a then renegade member Dr Saviour Chishimba sneaked into Court midnight before Presidential nominations with an injuction to bar our late President Michael Chilufya Sata from standing as the Republican Presidential candidate. He claimed PF had not held a Convention to select its President and defacto Presidential candidate.

It had to take swift and exemplary heroic arguments into Court from PF lawyers on the day that included late Mr Mathew Pikiti, Dr John Mulwila, Mr Bonaventure Mutale and now President Edgar C. Lungu.

They submitted that Dr Saviour Chishimba had been expelled or be it resigned a year earlier and therefore not a bonafide member of PF. He had no loci standi on PF matters. Thats how President Sata managed to file his nomination papers that day.

So the slated PF Convention will deal with more bottlenecks than one as we progress towards the 2021 General elections.

With that on my political history hobby, I now wish to place on record my formal endorsement. While I respect every person’s rights and personal opinion to choose as they wish, my own personal firm choice is now stated.

I hereby take this moment to officially declare my unsolicited Endorsement for Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu as my preferred candidate for the PF President position at the June/July 2020 PF party Convention.

My view is that unlike in 2014, the top most position and other top positions in the party are not vacant.

President Lungu and other top leaders of the party have done well thus far and any form of emperical evidence will indicate steady party progress in the last 5 years. I commend all of them for holding the ship (Ubwato) together abeit expected turburances here and there.

Such blips are however expected in any grouping of people or any political party as they are scientifically proven. They are guaranteed to occur in the statistical bean shaped _normal distribution curve with a Mean of 0 and Standard Deviation 1_ .

I may choose to partcipate at the Convention as an ordinary member MCC so that I can contribute to the progression of the party through the Central Committee. This is more so given my humble knowledge and experience thus far as a Civic leader now or current Mayor of Lusaka and as a Law Maker or former Member of Parliament of Matero.

It will therefore be an honour for me to be part of the team that will be ushered in as MCCs and led by Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu as the party President into and beyond 2021.

Best Regards & God Bless us all.


_From Dubai_

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