Miles Sampa promises to build more graveyards

Miles Sampa promises to build more graveyards

– It’s now clear this man is haunted by Ruth Mbandu

Miles Sampa, the PF mayoral candidate for Lusaka has promised to introduce high rise grave yards.

“Other countries bury their dead on top of already existing graves and as Lusaka Mayor, this will be my main priority when I am elected Mayor. We need to find a sustainable solution this problem and as a City Father, that would be my main task,” Mr Sampa said.

He said, “We also need to find way of expanding the Leopards Hill Cemetery because the current boundary is almost exhausted. Our people surely deserve to bury their dead with dignity.”

Sampa added, “We have to come up with a way of say, after five or ten years when the body decomposes, it’s lofted into a smaller coffin and reburied on top of another as a way of mitigating against this serious problem.”

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