Miles Sampa resigns from PF govt citing corruption?

Miles Sampa resigns from PF govt citing corruption?

Finance Deputy minister Miles Sampa has allegedly resigned from the PF government due to high levels of corruption at the ministry. especially involving his boss Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda.

Impecable sources within the PF have told the Watchdog that the Matero parliamentarian left his letter of resignation with president Michael Sata two days ago and immediately proceeded to South Africa and all his mobile phones have been switched-off.

Insiders say there is panic within the PF regime over the resignation of a key figure from government and frantic efforts are being made to trace him so that he can rescind his decision as it is very embarrassing to government.

Mr. Sampa is allegedly fed-up with the levels of corruption involving Mr. Chikwanda over some mining income and projects.

His resignation comes barely after another key PF figure Fr. Frank Bwalya also resigned as Zesco Board Chairperson and later launched a scathing attack on president Sata and his PF administration.

“Unless some elders within the PF regime manage to pursued the young man, he has so far left and currently unreachable because of too much corruption in the PF government. As I speak to you now, people are having sleepless nights to look for him so that he can rescind his decision,” State House and sources at the Ministry of  Finance have disclosed.

It is so far not clear whether Mr. Sampa has also relinquished his position as Matero PF MP

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