Miles Sampa says there are 55% Bembas and 12 % Tongas

Lusakaprovince minister Miles Sampa says there are 55 per cent Bembas and 12 per centTongasinZambia.

Sampa was speaking in parliament on Friday.

He said:

“According to the Central Statistic Office records, there are 6.5 million Bembas in Zambia, representing 55 per cent of the total population and 1.6 million Tongas, representing 12 per cent of population in Zambia,” Sampa said. “This does not mean Bembas are superior over any of the other 72 tribes.

It just means that statistically and using the laws of averages, laws of probability, under a normal distribution curve, one is likely to find more Bembas in any set up or grouping in Zambia.

It also means that for a Tonga to become a President, they would need support from the Bembas.

I regard myself a Tonga from Kalomo where I grew up and Mr Speaker, the UPND should consider marrying many Bemba women.”
“I appeal to Honourable members and all Zambians to guard against tribal and ethnic politics

“The people that point fingers have two fingers pointing at them. All tribes are equal in Zambia. We are one Zambia, one nation….leaders of a certain small party and their several spokespersons go on paid-up radio stations where the first and second callers are the same daily, preaching hate, more so, against one tribe you love to hate; the tribe they call Bemba. Mr Speaker we are one Zambia, one nation.”

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