Miles Sampa to hold ‘victory’ celebrations on moving Chirundu, ITT from Southern province

Miles Sampa to hold ‘victory’ celebrations on moving Chirundu, ITT from Southern province

Miles Sampa

Southern province minister Miles Sampa is organising celebrations to mark the successful moving of Chirundu to Lusaka.

Meanwhile, youths in Southern province have vowed to clash with police if the government tries to stop their planned protests against removing two districts from the province.

Miles Sampa has appointed one Amin Makuba, a teacher at Chirundu High School as c chairperson of the celebrations organising committee.

Makuba has since written to all government institutions in Chirundu ordering them that all civil servants will be required to attend the celebrations to be held on March 9, 2012 at Mandenga ground.

The aftermath (beer drinking, feasting and dancing) will be held from 18 hours till the wee hours at Machembere, a popular local spot. The letter states that the celebrations will be funded by Chirundu public insgtituions.

According to the letters written by Makuba, the guest of honor will be Miles Sampa. He will be accompanied by top PF and government officials.

But youths in the Southern Province say they are ready to clash with President Michael Sata’s police force over the moving of districts to other provinces.

Provincial Party Youth Chairman, Francis Hakayobe told a news website called Independent  Post that the people in the province will soon stage peaceful protests in support of their colleagues in Chirundu and Itezhi-Tezhi districts and advised both the President and the Police Inspector General against using force as they will be met with force.

Hakayobe said President Sata is very aware of the wrath of the people especially the youths of the Province and should therefore not provoke the situation by denying them the right to express their disgust at the realignment as that would lead to untold confrontations.

He said the President should concentrate on uniting the various ethnic groupings in the country and not to divide them using threats which will only end up to the detriment of everyone involved.

He said he was currently organising demonstration permits for all the 11 districts of the Southern Province but was quick to add that any attempts to deny them the permission would result into them going ahead even without official authorisation.

Hakayobe added that not a single part of the province will be realigned without a fight adding that resistance begets resistance and advised chief Mwanachingwala of Mazabuka to sober up and desist trying to be a loner as it will not help him.

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