Miles Sampa withdraws from PF Presidential race

His spokesperson posted the following message on his facebook account;
After much reflection and the crossroad that PF has found itself in; the last few weeks have been full of trials and tribulations. However, the defining moments of the PF will not be the recent events but how we leave the General conference in Kabwe. I wish to offer myself as part of the solution to abetting chaos and division in the party so we remain a united front. Consequently, I wish to formally announce my withdrawal as a candidate in the party Presidential race. I will support and work with any of the remaining candidates that will be elected by party officials. The campaign trail was fulfilling and worthwhile but it’s now time to look ahead.
I apologize to all the delegates and people that found hope in me. Let us remain peaceful and keep the faith.
I sincerely thank my campaign team and my family for their priceless support.

“Apatebeta Lesa; tapafuka ichushi.”

God Bless you all.

Mr. Chitambala Mwewa

Spokesperson for Hon. Miles Sampa MP.

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