Military planes used to ferry PF thugs to Zambezi west by election

Two military helicopters have been used to ferry some Lusaka based PF thugs to go and cause confusion in the 11th September Zambezi West by election.

And a heavily financed PF rigging machinery commanded by Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba arrived in Zambezi Wests yesterday.

According to PF insiders the thugs ferried to Zambezi are the same ones who were sent to cause havoc in the recently held Mangango by-election and have been in the area since last week.

They were specifically directed to remain in the area because of suspicions that the UPND and residents would reject the fraudulently won Mangango by election but on Wednesday, 27th August were picked by two choppers from Kaoma air strip.

The two planes touched down the airstrip between 15:30 and 16:00hrs and also on-board was Kaoma district commissioner Kaumba Munjolo.

Sources from Kaoma confirmed having seen the two planes, one blue and white in colour and the other in defence canvas stealthily touch down and cadres boarding.

The Zambezi by election is a must win for the PF as evidenced by the numerous legal attempts they have made to block the UPND candidate Charles Kakoma from re-contesting the seat after an engineered nullification.

It is expected to be more violent than even the Mangango and PF are taking advantage of it being a very remote area.

And a heavily financed  and PF bribery and rigging machinery arrived in Zambezi West yesterday accompanied by a government Landcruiser vehicle with private number plate ALP 6280 and a private RAV 4 vehicle registration number ACH 6495 carrying Chitenge materials, more than 1000 fully connected ZTE mobile cell phones and cash for villagers.

Part of the rigging formula that was used in Mangango constituency was to give 1000 fully connected mobile cell phones to 1000 rural households.

Kakoma’s seat was nullified after he allegedly donated one phone, but PF have taken over a thousand phones to bribe voters.

Women’s clubs are also being formed and immediately financed plus cash hand-outs and food to starving villagers.

The PF also dispatched mobile hospitals to Zambezi West constituency by-election, the same somes ailing president Michael Sata heavily condemned as an opposition leader.

Government vehicles and trucks carrying more than 10,000 pieces of Chitenge materials have also been dispatched to the area ahead of the by-election making it almost an none contest with opposition political parties using personal resources heavily out-weight with government resources.

The bribery formula is simple. With more than 1000 cheap ZTE mobiles cell phones given to more than 1000 households with about 2 or 3 registered voters per household, PF is guarantee of at least a 1ooo votes in rural areas, even if some people do a ‘donchi kubeba’ on them.

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