Millers expect mealie-meal prices to increase

Millers Association of Zambia (MAZ) says it is anticipating price movements in mealie-meal and bread due to spiral effects of the fuel increase.
MAZ Chairman Andrew Chintala says the movements in the price of mealie meal will be minimal as raw materials are traded in Kwacha.
Mr Chintala however told the PF abused ZNBC that the price adjustment will depend on the cost suffered by each miller.
He further said the cost of bread, of which the raw material is wheat which is partly imported maybe affected more.
The Energy Regulation Board announced an upward adjustment in the pump price of fuel effective midnight yesterday.
Petrol has been increased by K2.31 to K16.06 from K13.75, diesel adjusted by K2.64 to cost K14.65 per litre.

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