Milupi asks parliament why police killed people in Mongu

Speaker of the National Assembly Amusaa Mwanamwambwa Tuesday ordered Vice-President George Kunda to give a statement on Friday 25 on the death of two people during the January 14 demonstrations in Mongu.

This followed a point of order raised by Luena member of parliament Charles Milupi, who wanted to know why the government had kept quiet after police fired live bullets on defenceless civilians.

Milupi also wanted to know if the government was in order not to establish a commission of inquiry into what led to the police denying the people of Mongu a permit to demonstrate and what made them use live bullets and not short batons or any other civilised means.

Why did this government follow up the people into their homes even after they fled police brutality? And why did the government move the arrested people, most of whom were injured?

Why did they move themthousands of kilometers away from their base in Mongu to Mumbwa with two of them with high velocity bullets still embedded in their heads? Milupi asked. Is this government in order to keep quiet on compensating the following; families of the two people shot dead by police and those surviving but still wounded?”

In response, Speaker Mwanamwambwa asked Milupi to lay his document on the table of the House and subsequently ordered that Vice-President Kunda give government’s position on the matter.

The chairman would like to ask His Honour the Vice-President that when he deals with the question time on Friday this week, he should come with a prepared statement so that he will read from prepared text on the matters raised by the honourable member. And this reply will be outside the 30 minutes given to the Vice-President’s question time in order not to deny honourable members a chance to ask the Vice-President questions said Speaker Mwanamwambwa.

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