Milupi blasts Sata for misconduct at Bishop Duffy’s funeral

ALLIANCE for Democracy and Development president Charles Milupi has castigated Patriotic Front (PF) leader Michael Sata for trying to use the funeral of late Mongu Catholic Diocese Bishop Paul Duffy to gain political mileage.

Mr Milupi, who witnessed the conduct of the PF leader as he tried to disrupt the mass, said in an interview yesterday that the behaviour of Mr Sata was uncalled-for as it was against the Catholic Church doctrine.

“When I was a child I was an altar boy and so I understand the Catholic doctrine and even the high points of any mass. It was during this high point of the mass that Mr Sata, who from the onset sat in the terraces, tried to walk to greet the vice-president instead of shaking hands with the people who were around him.

“He crossed the altar and even wanted to go and start greeting the bishops but the priests stopped him,” Mr Milupi said. He said it was unbecoming of Mr Sata to try and use a funeral to gain political mileage.

Mr Milupi, who paid tribute to Bishop Duffy for speaking for the people in the province, said it was wrong for the PF leader to seek to disrupt the mass in order to seek some publicity.

On Monday, organisers of the funeral for Bishop Duffy stopped Mr Sata from attending the burial ceremony at Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral grounds after he allegedly broke the Church’s peace and reconciliation liturgy when he broke protocol to try and greet some priests.

Meanwhile, Mr Milupi, who is in the province on a campaign trail, said he was happy with the response his party was receiving country-wide. He, however, bemoaned the culture of violence by some political parties.

“Our members and candidates in Eastern Province were attacked by some PF cadres and in Mpulungu in Northern Province our candidate was actually hacked by some PF members,” he said. He said some political parties were engaging in violence because they had run out of ideas.

Mr Milupi said his campaign team had a busy schedule that included touring Shang’ombo and Sesheke in Western Province. The team will then proceed to Livingstone in Southern Province, Kabwe in Central Province, Copperbelt Province and Eastern Province.

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