Milupi cites selfishness of leaders as cause of poor governance

Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) President Charles Milupi says it is disheartening that the country has been subjected to poor governance due to the selfishness of political leaders.

Milupi, who was speaking in Lusaka, admitted that it is cardinal for Governments to adhere to a policy of zero tolerance to corruption because the vice has drastically affected the country’s economic progress.

He said for the nation to develop all economic sectors should be compelled to contribute to the treasury so that there is more to allow for wealth creation in Zambia.

In addition, Milupi said it is sad to see queries on misapplication of funds on the increase in the Auditor General’s (AG’s) report annually and there is need for the problem to be corrected.

He charged that lack of corrective measures in the public service was the main reason why same queries appear in the AG’s report every year.

Milupi claimed that fighting the corruption in the public service is an uphill task as the perpetrators of the scourge are the same individuals assigned to take corrective measures, adding that such is immoral as a poacher cannot be a game ranger at the same time.

He also cited the need for true separation of powers among the arms of Government as such is the whole essence of democracy owing to the fact that Zambia practices multi-party politics and not monarchical system were individuals are leaders since birth.

The ADD leader said for democracy to grow and prevail there should be a balance of power so that heads of state are held accountable and taken to task when need arise.

Milupi further noted that the country must strive to re-introduce quality education because education is the master key to combat poverty.

He said the education should be of good quality and free so that every child born in Zambia has access to education that will be completely funded by the state.

Furthermore, Milupi urged citizens to allow the spirit of completion to prevail among political aspirants so that the essence of democracy is not distorted.

He appealed to the electorate to maintain peace ahead of polls and vote for individuals who disciplined and trustworthy so that they work solely for the citizens and foster national development.

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