Milupi claims he declined joining PF/UPND pact

Luena Member of Parliament, Charles Milupi says he declined to join the PF/UPND pact despite being invited.

Speaking on Mazabuka radio on Saturday,  Milupi said that he told the representatives of the pact that the agenda of the pact must be revealed before he could join.

Milupi who has been linked to a budding political party said he would only join a political party with national wide support and that gives confidence to the people.
Milupi who did not mention the pact reps he met warned Zambians against voting for politicians that are famous at insulting others.
He warned that while some political parties have huge support, Zambians should not experiment leadership because some leaders may plunge the country into serious economic problems which will be difficult to handle.

Milupi, who stopped short of declaring himself a presidential candidate in 2011, said he is capable of running the country.


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