Milupi claims Zambians have lost confidence in ECZ

Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) President Charles Milupi has charged that Zambians have lost confidence in the Electoral Commission of Zambia’s (ECZ) capacity to hold free and fair elections.

According to Hot FM, Milupi said it will be difficult for Zambia to have credible polls as ECZ has only engaged Zambia Air Force (ZAF) to distribute ballot boxes using the defense planes.

He noted that President Rupiah Banda is the commander in chief of armed forces and chances of ballot papers being tempered with are high.

Milupi said should have engaged various institutions to distribute ballot boxes as using ZAF only may work to the disadvantage of the opposition political parties.

The ADD Leader appealed to ECZ to ensure all loop holes are sealed so that the electoral process can be seen to be free and fair as it is the only that citizens will be satisfied with the outcome.

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