Milupi joins Zambians opposing unnecessary moving of districts

Alliance for Democratic Development (ADD) says the realignment of districts by the Zambian government may bring conflicts if not properly handled.

ADD President Charles Milupi charges that the exercise has angered many people.

Milupi however says it is possible to realign but that this should be subject to consultation.

He said  Zambians expect a lot from the PF because they voted for change and not for the PF to realign districts.

He says the realignment exercise is an indication that the Zambian constitution is fraud as it gives too much power to the president to do what ever he wants at any time .

Milupi has urged the PF government to focus on priorities such as employment creation and fighting corruption.

He says people need to see a change in their daily lives as promised by the Patriotic Front government during campaigns in the run up last years elections.


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