Milupi says petitioning of seats is a setback to democracy

Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) President Charles Milupi the petitioning of over 60 parliamentary seats by the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) is a setback to the country’s growing democracy.

Speaking in an interview, Milupi observed that the move is worrying as most of the seats petitioned belong to the Movement for Multi party Democracy.

He claimed that that the former ruling party’s rampant corruption has caused the petitioning of the seats as many doubt the credibility of its victory.

Milupi said it is saddening to note that a lot of resources will again be spent on by elections if it is discovered that MMD breached the electoral code and seats are nullified.

The ADD advised future aspiring candidates to adhere to the electoral code of conduct to avoid unnecessary by elections which is a use of public funds meant for developing the nation.

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