Milupi Says PF’s Commissions of Inquiry Wasteful

When President Michael Sata and the Patriotic Front (PF) government were elected into power almost one year ago, they rapidly went about setting up a number of commissions of inquiry, ostensibly to investigate allegations of corruption against the former government.  However, many of these commissions were mishandled or simply abandoned, leading one opposition leader to call out the PF for wasting taxpayers’ money on the commissions.

According to the President of the Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) Charles Milupi, the commissions have been ”a sheer waste of time and resources as they have not served their intended purposes.”

In an interview with The Daily Nation, Mr. Milupi, who had earlier supported President Sata’s setting up of the commissions, said it was now clear that the probe teams were created to fight political opponents, not investigate real crimes.

“You remember very well that after a few days in government President Sata set up several commissions to investigate suspected wrongs by MMD. But it has come to light that they were only targeting some individuals. And all those inquiries that did not carry President Sata’s perception were trashed,” he said.  ”Huge amounts of money were used to set up the commissions of inquiry and it would only be prudent for the PF government to embrace accountability and transparency.”

Milupi claims that the corruption fight in the PF was just intended at harassing and persecuting those with divergent views.

“The issues of Dora Siliya are one of those examples. Tell them to release the report on Ms. Siliya’s conduct in the Zamtel, and there is little to talk about. Look at the Barotse Agreement of 1964 commission, Look at the Zanaco commission and even the Finance Bank commission which did not even take place. All these were politically tailored to target at some individuals,” he said.

Source: Daily Nation

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