Milupi says public should be given information on Sata

Milupi says public should be given information on Sata

ADD President Charles Milupi says he does not agree with government’s ‘resolve’ to allow only state house to be the sole source of updates about President Michael Sata.

On Friday last week, ceremonial Vice President Guy Scott told parliament that government has resolved that only State House will issue statements to update the nation on President Sata’s health.

How government resolved no ne knows because there had been no cabinet meeting from the time Sata was evacuated as most ministers refused to recognise Wynter Kabimba as acting president.
Sata was evacuated to Israel on June 20, 2014 where he was admitted at Sheba hospital but the government claimed that he had gone to meet Israeli president Shimon Peres and to woe investors. No meeting with Peres took place.

Sata was sneaked into the country last Friday at night but he has not been shown to the public and his condition is still unknown the to the public. It is not yet established if he was able to walk on his own or he was on a stretcher or helped by aides.

What is clear is that despite Sata returning, Wynter Kabimba has continued to act as president. The government media is not reporting anything on the return of Sata. The Post, an ally of the PF published a very short article in today (July 6, 2014) that Sata arrived in Zambia last Friday around 22 hours. They gave no further details and no photos of his arrival unlike what they often do when their ally returns.


Normally when Sata returns from his medical trips abroad though disguised as ‘working holidays’ government media and State House splash photos of his arrival at the airport.


But this time no photo has been shown; not even on his Facebook page operated by George Chellah who has also somehow gone ‘mute’. The last time Chellah updated Sata’s facebook page was on June 6, 2014.

On Friday last week in parliament Vice President Guy Scott told the house that government had resolved that only state house will issue statements to update the nation on President Sata.

But Mr. Milupi has told QFM news that he does not agree with government’s resolve because the country’s head of state is a property of the people of Zambia.

Mr. Milupi said this is why the president’s health is always a concern to the people of Zambia whenever he is said to be unwell.

The ADD president said it is on this basis that he thinks that the Patriotic Front (PF) government is allegedly being dishonest by not telling the Zambian people the status of their leader.

He said he was of the view that if the PF government had been open to the Zambian people about the status of president Sata’s health, people would have been more empathic if indeed he was unwell.

Mr. Milupi said this is also especially that leaders like him do not want to make president Sata’s health a political issue.

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