Mind your business, MMD told

Political Analyst Dante Saunders has urged the Movement for Muilty Party Democracy MMD to stop concentrating on the internal problems of the PF-UPND Pact and instead direct its energies to more pressing issues affect the country.

In an interview with QFM Mr. Saunders said MMD should be conscious of is jubilation about the PACT because the PACT will resolve is problems soon.

MR Saunders has observed that MMD is waisting on the Problems in the PACT which any alliance is prone to face.

And the Political Analyst says that there is need for PF and UPND to unite at grassroots where he said most of its problems are emanating.

He says that they is need for sacrifice from both the party members and the PACT leaders if the alliance is to work stressing that if people are not ready to sacrifice their interests then the PACT will not work.

He adds that the squabbles in any party are invertible and that they can always be sorted out.

He says that the MMD on must instead concentrate on the Constitution and the critical shortages in that adversely affected the Country.

Meanwhile MR Saunders says that the MMD is not best thing to talk about the cracks in the PACT because their party has been hijacked by intruders from other party like UNIP.

He adds that the MMD must not fight the PACT but instead focus on cleaning up its party.

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