Mind your language, AVAP tells RB

The anti voter apathy project AVAP has described as unfortunate, republican president Rupiah Banda%u2019s statement that co-operating partners should not blackmail the Government by withholding donor support as a way of resolving challenges faced in various sectors of the economy.

And President Banda has been asked to apologize to the donor community for his undiplomatic behavior over their concerns raised on the accountability and usage of the resources they bring into the country.
In an interview with Q fm, AVAP executive director, Bonnie Tembo says that national leaders should realize that Zambia is not an island and is very much dependant on the aid that comes into the country through donors.
He also indicates that President Banda as a national leader is expected to uphold a high level of diplomacy concerns that the donor community is bringing to the fore over the accountability of resources.
Mr. Tembo says that government cannot go on and speak ill of the cooperating partners in national development even when it is very clear that over half of the national budget is financed by donors for the implementation of programs every year.
Mr. Tembo says that what is more surprising is that even the vice president, George Kunda had the audacity of echoing the remarks from the president, when he is aware of the operations of government and how the nation needs to treasure cooperating partners.
He has therefore appealed to president Banda to apologize to the donor community and respect the cooperating partners for their contribution to national development.
He reminds him of the fact that the donor community’s aid to Zambia has never left the nation to suffer even when they accumulated serious debt which people could not pay back to the world lending bodies.
However, the Committee of Citizen%u2019s executive director, Gregory Chifire, accuses some donors of sponsoring regime change to some extent that they are bankrolling certain institutions.
Among them he cites, non governmental organization NGO, media institutes, religious organizations, political parties and some individuals.
He says that these are being bribed to discredit government.
He also says that the institutions and individuals are propagating the removal of the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation.
Mr. Chifire also says cooperating want to bring in the same-sex marriages that the Christian faith speaking against.

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