Mine Workers ask PF regime to restore fuel subsidies

Mine Workers Union of Zambia(MUZ) has called on the PF government to rescind  its earlier decision to remove fuel subsidies immediately.
MUZ secretary general, Chishimba Nkole said the removal of fuel subsidies will have a very serious negative impact on the living standards of many Zambians.
Mr Nkole who was addressing the journalists today at Katilungu house in Kitwe said trade unions will also have difficutilies in negotiating for workers better condition of service with their employers.
“The PF government , is the peoples’ government so that is why we are speaking like this, we want to tell them where they are wrong,” said Mr Nkole.
He said many Zambians were already living in poverty, adding that the removal of fuel subsidies will make their lives more unbearable.

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