Mini third term: PF seeks to cancel 2016 presidential elections

Mini third term: PF seeks to cancel 2016 presidential elections

The corrupt and scared ruling PF government of President Edgar Lungu has filed a Court Petition to halt the 2016 elections until 2020.

Wright Musona

Wright Musona

The corrupt and scared ruling PF government of President Edgar Lungu has filed a Court Petition to halt the 2016 elections until 2020.

Using remote PF structures, a petition has been filed in the Lusaka High Court arguing that President Edgar Chagwa Lungu was given a five year mandate to rule Zambia, meaning that elections should only take place in 2020.

This is unprecedented and as the PF are intent on having a One Party state where their way of thinking is what obtains, we wait what the nation will think.

Impeccable sources within the PF say the scheme is to ensure that the possibility of the UPND ascending to power is remote.

But when Lungu returned from his seven days and seven nights hospitalisation in Pretoria, he said that Burundi is facing civil strife to bad leadership. Burundi is engulfed in civil unrest because that that country’s leader Pierre Nkurunziza is trying to extend his time on office. He even got courts to rule that he can extent his rule.

President Lungu said that this is bad governance.

“We pray that the situation in Burundi normalises soon, we will do everything possible to help the asylum seekers that are coming to Zambia. This is what happens when there is bad governance. We have only one country, so when you fight, it will be us running and there is no other country to run to,” he said.

But to today he is sponsoring cadres to postpone elections so that he can remain in power, when others like Rupiah Banda, corrupt as he is, obliged after Mwanawasa died.

This issue is serious.

Yesterday, ZNBC reported that two Zambians have sought a court order to stop the Electoral Commission of Zambia-ECZ from conducting the 2016 Presidential Elections.

Richard Mumba and Wright Musoma have argued that President Edgar Lungu should serve a full term of five years before another Presidential election.

Mr Mumba of Chibombo District and Mr Musoma of Lusaka says that article 35 Sub-article one of the Zambian Constitution states that every President shall hold office for a period of five years.

The two have argued that President Lungu’s tenure will expire on 20th January 2020.

This is contained in a petition filed in the Lusaka High Court. Mr Mumba and Mr Musoma want the court to determine whether or not President Lungu has been discriminated by Article 35 Sub-Articles 1 and 4.

The two have sued the Electoral Commission of Zambia-ECZ as the first respondent and the Attorney General as the second respondent.

Mr. Mumba and M.r Musoma have also sued President Lungu as the third respondent. The two have further sued all the 2015 Presidential candidates as respondents.

They are being represented by Lusaka Lawyer Rabson Malipenga.

Musona runs a one-man party he calls Zambia Republic Party (ZRP). He is one of the hungry mouths late Fredrick Chiluba used to beat people and force them to support his failed third term bid, he opposed Levy Mwanawasa to death, supported Michael Sata and Lungu in the last elections.

Below is the statement Musona issued in 2012:

President Sata cannot be blamed for having more Bemba speaking people in his government because those are mostly the ones who stood with him when he was fighting MMD government for almost, if not over a decade. Let’s face it, he got over whelming support and votes from places like Luapula, Northern and copper belt provinces  where the majority bembas live than in other provinces of Zambia in the last general elections where he emerged as a winner and you would expect even more people from the same places to fill his cabinet and government.


Please this is what any normal president would do because there’s no way Sata would ignore the people who sacrificed their lives and resources for him and the PF to appoint those who didn’t just because they come from southern or western provinces for example, no way.


As ZRP being a progressive opposition political party, we feel we will be failing in our duties if we just condemn the govt and the president for the sake of it. Please let us be objective when debating and arguing. When you hear that PF scooped almost all parliamentary seats in Luapula  province for example, what comes into your mind? If we don’t want the repetition of this nature, please let’s all begin to educate our people not to support presidential candidates and political parties based on tribes.

Surely president Sata would be a fool to ignore those that stood with him through thin and thick and appoint those that didn’t just in order to please people.

In any case even when you look at UPND for example, because most of its support is from southern province and the majority of the people in influential positions in UPND are also from Southern province. So President Sata cannot be condemned for this, sorry.


Right now as Zambia Republic Party ZRP, we are busy asking all Zambians everywhere irrespective of their tribes, gender, age, colour or education to join the REPUBLICANS before its late and when we cross over, as we will one day soon by God’s grace, the appointments will be accordingly while we will strive to better the lives of all our people in all provinces of Zambia.


By this I do not insinuate that one’s academic credentials will never be considered when it comes to crucial appointments.

The REPUBLICANS are back!

Wright Musoma


The Zambia Republic Party ZRP

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