Mining companies still owe govt huge amounts of money

The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) says Mining Companies still owe substantial amounts of money accumulated from the Windfall tax before it was scrapped off by Government in 2009.

The Windfall tax was scrapped off in 2009 citing abrupt pull out of Mine investors due to the Global financial crisis that hit the global economy.

ZRA Commissioner General Criticles Mwansa who could not give the actual figures mining companies owe says as far as the commission is concerned huge amounts of money have not been paid to the Commission.

He however says it is up to the Government to decide what action to take against mining companies that did not remit the windfall tax before Government decided to abolish the tax.

Mr Mwansa disclosed that Government is currently holding discussions with unnamed mining companies to lobby them to reconcile their debts that they owe the revenue Authority from generated activities of their companies.


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