Minister Chenda snubs funeral of Chibombo victim; says its not in my constituency

Minister Chenda snubs funeral of Chibombo victim; says its not in my constituency

SONY DSCOn Wednesday 13 February Emmanuel Chenda angered mourners gathered at a funeral of one of the Chibombo Postbus accident but traveling to the area, only turning back that the funeral house was not in his constituency!

The funeral house farm Plot No. F417/19a in Kavu area of Bwana Mkubwa Constituency in Ndola was for the late Mr. Billiant Milanzi, one among the dead in that fatal accident.

He was living at that place also known as FamCare (Family Care Ministry, a Christian organisation).

Sources at the funeral house explained that just after lunch hour mourners gathered at the house where they were told the area MP (Chenda) would be visiting as per our tradition to bring consolation to the bereaved family, and even some seats were being arranged for him and his entourage to come and occupy.

Due to the poor state of the road (after a heavy downpour), someone was sent to the main Ndola-Kapiri road to guide the MP’s entourage to the place of the funeral. Surprisingly enough when Mr. Chenda arrived at the roadside to enter the bad stretch of the road, it is said he suddenly changed his mind that the area was NOT in his Constituency so he could not go to the funeral house! The man sent, came back to report to the mourners that the MP was not coming because the area was not part of his Bwana Mkubwa Constituency!

The truth of the matter is first, the area where the funeral is being held is in the said constituency, separated by the Munkulungwe stream between Masaiti and Bwana Mkubwa. Second, the deceased voted in Kavu section which Mr. Chenda was the PF candidate.

Family members closer to the deceased testified that he told them that he had voted for Chenda. Third, this shows the ignorance of our politicians not even knowing where their constituencies’ boundaries are. But the most important point to make here is Mr. Chenda’s heartless behavior.

Surely when the whole nation is in the state of mourning can you discriminate which funeral to attend and which not to as a national leader? Even when his boss, the President who we hear is not in good health can leave State House and the First Lady to come and be with the mourners and sending off our fellow Zambians, can surely someone in his right mind discriminate on petty reasons of a funeral house not being in his constituency! This is very unZambian, very unchristian and against all sane human reasoning.

MP Chenda owes us an apology for such insult. He will not be MP or a Cabinet minister for ever. He too has a family and we hear he lost a relative in the same.

If one was to treat him in the same manner he treated these mourners how will he feel?

An Annoyed Mourner

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