Minister Chilufya exposed again

Minister Chilufya exposed again

Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya’s continued chigololo with PF cadre Journalist Nakiwe Simpungwe has gotten to high level and has began to worry ministry officials.

The chigololo began as a working relationship but now tChitalu shares the same room with Nakiwe whenever he travels.

Officials have complained that Chitalu has preferred to carry Nakiwe on all his trips when she only works for a propaganda online page called smart eagles at the expense of State Media and big private media.

Chilufya carries Nakiwe everywhere he goes and this has worried officials.

Nakiwe is often at his office and has now grown big headed as she is even able to step into his office at anytime even when he is attending serious meetings.

It is believed that she has also been blackmailing him over some pictures she took of him when he was drunk in her room in Mansa recently.

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    Thank you Mr PF for a fuc*ed up economy

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    But chisuma chimoma