Minister Chilufya accused of stealing covid-19 money

Minister Chilufya accused of stealing covid-19 money


Corrupt thief Chitalu Chilufya has been accused of looting emergency coronavirus money.

In the past 14 days, governments has released K56 million to the ministry of health to forestall any outbreak of the virus in Zambia.

But Chitalu Chilufya , the PF minister of health, has seen an opportunity in this crisis to seal his financial mobilisation for his presidential running mate position.

Disappointed ministry of health officials tell the Watchdog that Chilufya is personally involved in disbursing the money mostly to cronies he has appointed to pretend to be fighting the corona virus.

According to sources, there is no proper trail or accounting of the money as Chilufya is telling everyone that ‘this is an emergency’ so let’s not be bureaucratic.

Sources say Chilufya may only K5 million will go into the actual fight against the virus but the rest of the money will go to minister Chilufya and his allies.

Informants disclosed that even the couple that tested positive to the corona virus volunteer themselves to the hospital after noticing symptoms and not due to the robust mechanism Chilufya was boasting about.

Sources say individuals from heavily affected countries continue landing in Zambia but ministry officials are busy disturbing people that are not sick in town, just to show that they are working.

Sources appealed to ACC and OP officers to urgently start monitoring how Minister Chilufya is using the coronavirus contingent fund.

Chilufya has upped his game to be the running mate to president Lungu in the next elections. So far he has put on payroll all but one provincial ministers to back him and campaign for him.

Chilufya is currently under investigation by the ACC and has twice appeared for interrogation but the Watchdog understands that he has alreadyvmanaged to buy off ACC officers and now they are actually giving him data.

Meanwhile, Vice President Inonge Wina has ordered the minister of Finance to give Chilufya more money .

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    Nkani zamu kachasu.Boza yekha yekha.

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    If this is true then its unfortunate coz covid19 is so serious that a well meaning Zambian can contemplate putting the country at risk for personal benefits.
    Worse still this chitalu should have been put on leave for ACC to carry on investigation without fear

  • comment-avatar
    Chisha Banda 1 week ago

    Only a corrupt and country like Zambia can keep such a person as Minister even when he is under investigation.

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    The PS not the Minister is in charge of Procurement & Financial Management 1 week ago

    The Procurement & Financial Management Laws & rules provide for emergencies in a streamlined manner & the PS is the controlling officer in charge of such procurement & disbursement PF funds. 

    If the Minister directly gets involved in procurement & disbursement procedures, it’s against the rules!

    PS MOH has a great responsibility to properly guide the Minister & if he is still not compliant, the PS has a window to report the Minister (of course after disclosing this to the Minister) to the Secretary to the Cabinet!

  • comment-avatar
    itiscoming 1 week ago

    Do not politicize Corona virus. It will hit UPND as much as PF. watchdog is fogged with political hate stop it before it swallows you all.

    • comment-avatar

      this is the same money which should have been given to prime tv to help sensitizing the public. yet we are told there’s no money. why not get part of it and give it to the media to help in campaigning against covid-19?

  • comment-avatar
    Camukanka Hicamba 1 week ago

    A firing squad awaits him. Bill 10 has failed and he can still engage in more corruption. We are coming.