Minister Chilufya already growing marijuana

Minister Chilufya already growing marijuana

Chitalu Chilufya

The impendinging authorisation of cultivating of marijuana for medicinal purposes is meant to facilitate and legalise the already ongoing business of Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya and a certain politically Exposed person only identified as Mr. Zulu.

Health Minister Chilufya and the Mr. Zulu are already growing marijuana in Chisamba and Makeni. One the growing of marijuana is formally legalised, minister Chitalu Chilufya will be the main supplier and exporter.

“It is laughable the things happening in Zambia, they are saying government has legalised the export of marijuana yet Chitalu Chilufya and Mr. Zulu are growing the same already in green houses in Makeni and Chisamba,” said a close associate to Chilufya.

The PF cabinet has finally approved a proposal to legalise the production of marijuana.

The production of marijuana will however be restricted to exports and for medicinal purposes only.

Companies or individuals wishing to cultivate and trade in marijuana in Zambia will be charged US$250,000 annual licenses fee. This fee is meant to block others from entering this lucrative market.

Even as this stand, only minister Chilufya can grant a licence for anyone to cultivate marijuana for medical purposes, so it be can only speculate what is going on in the dark.

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