Minister Chilufya appoints concubine Kaku medical Stores Chair

Minister Chilufya appoints concubine Kaku medical Stores Chair

Health Minister, Honorable Chitalu Chilufya, has appointed his concubine as chairperson of Medical Stores limited.

The sane person is now the permanent Secretary at ministry of health and chairperson of medical Stores.

Medical Stores is the government agency mandated to supply drugs and equipment to hospital, a hot spot for corruption.

Minister   Chilufya was a few weeks ago arrested by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) but he has continued working as minister.

Last Friday, he appointed his girlfriend and Permanent Secretary Mulalelo Kakulubelwa as the chairperson of medical stores. Other people he appointed are  James Kapesa as deputy to Kaku. Other members of the Board are Lizzy Mukwasa, Mwenya Bwalya, Mulenga Muleba, Marlon Banda, Zubeir Mohammed Dasu and Aven Muvwende as Company Secretary.

Kaku has always been involved in minister Chilufya’s corruption and it’s just a matter of tome before she is also arrested.

See Background:

Mulalelo Kakulubelwa, the Permanent Secretary at the ministry of health is living in fear of being arrested for various corrupt activities she has been made to undertake by minister Chitalu Chilufya.

Mulalelo Kakulubelwa (in photo) , who is known by many people only as Kaku is the official concubine of Minister Chitalu Chilufya. Together they have made a fortune from ministry of health tenders. Insiders say the two demand at least 10 % kickbacks from each tender or project under the ministry of health.

But now Kaku has started developing fear after realising that it’s her and other senior servants who actually sign these illegal deals and not the minister Chilufya. The minister only gives verbal orders and when the police come, he might get away with it but Kaku will certainly be jailed.

Minister Chilufya himself has been heard telling assistants that even if the ACC investigate him, his signature does not appear anywhere. But minister Chilifya is also just comforting himself. Senior ministry officials tell us that they are ready to testify when the time comes, as they have recorded audios and money trails to Minister Chilufya’ secret accounts some of which are held in the names of relatives and junior workers.
There are various corrupt activities that minister Chitalu and his PS girlfriend have undertaken but the issue of $11 Million worth of ambulances has left Kaku with Diarrhoea.

In 2015, the ministry of health, ZPPA and the security approved a tender to a local firm called Savenda to supply 50 Mercedes Benz ambulances. A commitment fee of 10 per cent was paid to Savenda and sample ambulances were brought into Zambia. Minister Chilufya in late 2018 told Parliament that this Savenda contract to supply 50 Mercedes Benz ambulances is irreversible.

But minister Chilufya and Kaku reversed this contract and replaced it with an illegal tender whereby they contracted Iveco South Africa to supply ambulances instead. Iveco has been paid and the cheap ambulances Iveco supplied were sneaked into the country though most of them have already broken down due to gear box problems.

Both health and finance ministry sources say Minister Chilufya and Kaku stole up to $5 million from this particular deal as the actual value of each Iveco ambulance is less than $30, 000.

The Anti-Corruption Commission and police frauds department have already concluded investigations in this case and have recommended the arrest of minister Chilufya and PS Kaku.

Government sources tell the Watchdog that Minister Chilufya has failed to explain what happened to the Savenda Benz ambulances and why people are seeing cheap Iveco wheelbarrows. According to people close to him, the minister gets emotional whenever this topic is brought up.

But instead of repenting, Minister Chilufya is accusing his Cabinet colleagues Tourism and Arts Minister Ronald Chitotela and his Home Affairs counterpart Stephen Kampyongo.

He now suspects that the duo have been feeding the Zambian Watchdog with damaging information about tenders under his charge but says the two Ministers are the biggest thieves in govt.

Minister Chilufya, it is feared among most high profile PF members has presidential ambitions and first attempt has been to position himself as President Lungu’s running mate in 2021 as a launch pad to the top.This has however unsettled entrenched crooks and “tenderprenuers” in PF circles.

“Dr. Chilufya has been branding the two Ministers in question as far much bigger thieves than himself and is determined to fight them because he has a booklet of a dossier on them. He has complained to the President about the campaign to destroy his name but as usual the Boss has done nothing. When Hon. Chitotela was facing abuse of office and corruption charges Dr. celebrated and this reached Hon. Chitotela. There is this assertion in govt that Dr. Chilufya’s kick backs actually exceed budgetary allocations for some ministries,” the source said recently.

The source said Minister Chilufya has been heard threatening that “tuka filila munsenga na ba makaka aba” in reference to Chitotela and Kampyongo who he insists are corrupt.

What appears to have upset the two Ministers is that Chilufya continues to front a squeaky clean personality and yet the opposite is true, his Cabinet colleagues have named him 10% or mobile ATM.
Minister Chilufya is said to be telling his close friends and colleagues that in serious govts Chitotela and Kampyongo would be serving time in jail for corruption and abuse of office.

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