Minister Chilufya in another corruption scandal

Minister Chilufya in another corruption scandal

Zambian WatchDog​​

Take interest in the corrupt practice that is going at the Ministry of Health (MOH) involving Minister Dr Chilufya Chitalu and his crony cadre by the name of Pivot Simwanza of Ndola.

This year the Minister of Health pushed through two Purchase orders or a Contracts in favour of a company called SUWILE GENERAL DEALER LIMITED and BRISUMAS INVESTMENTS LIMITED.

These companies are owned by Pivot Simwanza, a grade 9 failure, former ball picker boy for Kabwe Warriors FC , staunch Kabwe Warriors FC drum cheer leader and a kit master for the disbanded Rail Express Football Club of Ndola.

This is the same Pivot Simwanza who was a committee member in FAZ under Kalusha Bwalya’s administration and supplied replica (FONKONG) Chinese football kit to FAZ of which a fraud case is still active.

This man thinks he is so clever such that his names do not appear as a director of SUWILO GENERAL DEALER LIMITED and BRISUMAS INVESTMENTS LIMITED at PACRA or ZRA but his children. However, he is a signatory together with a wife to the company account at the bank account number 9130003164792 at First Alliance Bank in Ndola.
Early this year, he came and camped in Lusaka to connive with the Minister of Health and PS at the MOH to have his company SUWILO GENERAL DEALER LIMITED be awarded a contract to supply N-95 Masks at an inflated figure of ZWM 21,000,000.00 (twenty One Million Kwacha). He used 2 fake companies with exorbitant pricing to support his company SUWILO General Dealers to be on the lower side but with inflated amounts also.
There are specialized companies in Zambia that have always been supplying good quality PPE’s at reasonable price for years that were left out or did not know about the so called tender. What criteria did the ministry use to award the Contract to this company with questionable history? What is more surprising is the fact that he was given payment of the total contract amount before the contract was even signed and knowing for sure that this man is well known for non supplying of goods or supplying replica cheap stuff if at all.
Information has it that he does invoiced and gets paid without supplying the goods and if at all he supplies he does under resupplying the MOH with the goods that were donated to the MOH by the Chinese nationality Ma. There is a big cartel going at the MOH and DMMU. You need uncompromised competent people to investigate this. If you recall very well there was a complete shutdown in Zambia and how did he bring in the staff. Which border and ZRA port of entry and records did his company use?
In June this year he was showing off his company SUWILO GENERAL DEALERS bank account balance with FNB of K26 million. He claimed to have been awarded a contracted of US$1.8 million to supply PPE’s.
He recently bought a house in Lusaka near Parliament building conference for over ZMW 2,000,000.00 (Two Million Kwacha). He intends to demolish it and engage a contractor who built Nelkhanti Hotel in Lusaka. His companies has bank accounts with STANMBIC, FIRST NATIONAL BANK and FIRST ALLIANCE BANK in Ndola where some huge amounts of money has been wired from MOF.
He ordered 5 x 40ft containers full of spares and he opened an auto spare shop in Ndola town centre called BABA Auto spares and has been busy shopping cars like no mans business. He bought 2 x SUV’s(his and hers), a TOYOTA Hilux, a saloon car for the girl friend’s daughter. Just after a few months of camping here in Lusaka this year his companies bank accounts at FNB and First Alliance Bank in Ndola has received huge amounts of money from the MOF under instructions from MOH. He has been laundering money into his fellow crooked counterparts and their relatives. Trail the money from his bank account and you will see who is who in the zoo that has benefited.
In June this year he bought a farm near Luanshya Police road block along Luanshya-Masangano turn off road. He bought a house for a girl friend in Itawa in Mwasumina road, which he has partially demolished with the view to renovate it and built the girlfriend’s mother in Chifubu / Pamodzi.
This is the same man in 2017 who at one was given a contract with Kalusha Bwalya by the MOH during the cholera pandemic to supply dead people cholera body bags yet again at an inflated amount ZMW 14,000,000.00 (Fourteen Million Kwacha) under a company called BRISUMAS INVESTMENTS LIMITED. He was given a 25% upfront payment of which he used to under service the contract. Kalusha Bwalya was screwed on this contract as he got peanuts. He used part of Kalusha Bwalya’s share to buy his girl friend a TOYOTA HILUX- REGEND.
Currently he is again camping here in Lusaka trying to push for a payment ZMW21 million from the MOH via MOF. This payment is tied to a contract he got dubiously in June but never supplied the good. Three weeks ago he again pushed in tender documents for ZMW 34million at the MOH. As usually he pushed in 2 other fake companies to support his inflated quotation. Being the Watch Dog that I know you can dig dipper and discover more on this man.
I am sure with this information that I have availed you will dig dipper and bring these selfish rotten corrupt individuals out of the system that are making our public hospitals to deteriorate in terms of services by rooting and suffocating funds for essential drugs, goods and quality services in our hospitals.
Yours faithfully

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