Minister Chilufya in fresh corruption scandal

Minister Chilufya in fresh corruption scandal


Good afternoon WD.
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The minister of health hon chitalu Chilufya is looting again! This time he is Looting medical insurance monies and stealing from civil servants. He and the speaker of the National Assembly Mr Patrick Matibini have purchased a multi million dollar scanning and laboratory equipment to be placed inUTH as a private enterprise and loot monies.

Several months ago,the government introduced health insurance policy for all all public workers. since last year all civil servants salaries are deducted on monthly basis towards the same health insurance scheme.completely disregarding what he is being investigated by the ACC.
Together with the speaker of the National Assembly Me Matibini,they have purchased a computerised tomography scanning (CT SCAN)on magnetic resonance(MRI)and full laboratory equipment. This equipments has already arrived in Zambia. Officials of the company that will install the equipment is already in Zambia.

He has directed that space be created for this private equipment in the UTH. The area which had been storing expensive dialysis fluid near the kitchen has been evacuated to facilitate the installation of a more than 2000kg worth of scanning equipment. Another room has been cleared to facilitate yet another scanning equipment for Chilufya and Matibini. Thousands of sick Zambians have been removed from the records department to facilitate the formation of a private laboratory belonging to chitalu and matibini.

The earmarked area of the private laboratory is not designated for laboratory and its next door to the kitchen which prepares food for patients and nursing students and hospital stuff.

This equipment being brought in by the minister is a duplication of other services already being offered by the UTH. These services suffered gross under funding by the ministry of health in previous years. Previously ,patient’s files movement resulted in loss of patient files and patients failure to collect these files to facilitate review by doctors and now the files are being moved to strange locations.

Secondly, the CT SCAN for the public is rarely serviced and breaks down often. The UTH LABORATORY have been in need of new equipment to no avail. Senior staff are not amused with these ‘developments’.

In the same line,there is fear that tear reagent will be stolen from government laboratory to go into the private laboratory thereby creating more shortages in government lab to favor the private laboratory for the minister of health and the speaker of the National Assembly.

The private firm to install the equipment is already on site working. The idea is that all the monies which insurance will be giving the UTH for health services will be sucked up by the equipment,while UTH will only receive 10 percent.

Is the government aware of this?why can’t Chilufya and Matibini build their own institution to install their equipment or use one of Chilufya’s many buildings? This matter should be investigated throughly by relevant authorities.
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