Minister Chilufya should stop abusing Luapula chiefs

Minister Chilufya should stop abusing Luapula chiefs


*Let him locate his chiefs in northern province so that they escort him to Court.

By James Kasanda Musendeka Lukuku, RPP President

The National Registration Card of Chitalu Chilufya doesn’t indicate that he originates from luapula. He is a Northerner.

Let him tell us his chief and village.

Am therefore, heavy hearted to find that he is using his money from Henry courtyard meats to abuse our chief by parading them before courts.

He is compromising the image of our chiefs by giving an impression that they are sympathising with him in corruption charges.

I ask all good people of luapula to protect the integrity of our chiefs by refusing to allow any one with questionable wealth to abuse our chiefs.

By sponsoring our chiefs to camp for him, and offering them five star accommodation he is just destroying the image of our chiefs using his money.

How can our chiefs afford to escort all of us Ushies to court if that is set as a trend to start escorting ushi suspects to court?

Stay away from ushi chiefs. Go to northern province, locate your village and chief and tell them to escort you to court.

Where have you ever found such an heavy entourage of chiefs escorting a suspected criminal to court?

Don’t use money to abuse chiefs. Ekowaleshitila ama ambulashi tabaliko

*James Kasanda Musendeka Lukuku, RPP President*

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