Minister Chilufya’s temporary victory

Minister Chilufya’s temporary victory

He has successfully used the Anti- Corruption Commission (ACC) to launder him. He has also successfully used the magistrate court to insulate him against future, real prosecution.

As can be seen in the document below, minister Chilufya has been tried by the court and found not guilty of the said offences. It’s not an innocuous document. Chilufya is preparing evidence for his real arrest and prosecution in the near future. He will use this document to try and stop genuine prosecution by saying that he was already prosecuted and found innocent. But we can assure you that this is self deception. Chilufya will not get away with his massive corruption. Time for him will come. It’s a pity that the ACC and courts have allowed this thief to abuse them like this. But everything has its own time.

And now it’s the ACC boss being prosecuted.


Lusaka magistrate, Lameck Mwale has subpoenaed Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) Acting Director General, Rosemary Kuzwayo after Dr. Chitalu Chilufya’s lawyers applied that she be cited for contempt.

This comes after Kuzwayo allegedly suspended a prosecutions officer who testified in favor of Dr. Chilufya.

Dr. Chilufya’s lawyers told the court that a witness is protected and any person who tries to influence a witness in a court matter is guilty of a misdemeanor and can be sentenced to not less than 6 months Magistrate Mwale has since summoned the ACC Acting Director General, Rosemary Kuzwayo.

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