Minister Chitalu Chilufya fired

Lusaka- Sunday 10th January 2021

Minister of Health, Dr Chitalu Chilufya has been fired.

This is contained in a statement from State House issued this evening.

President Edgar Lungu has terminated the appointment of the Mansa Central Lawmaker and has since appointed Bwana Mukubwa member of Parliament and Minister of Water Affairs, Hon Jonas Kamima Chanda, as the new Minister of Health.

And Raphael Nakachinda has been appointed as new Minister of Water Affairs Development and Sanitation.

This is contained in a statement issued by State House Press & Public Relations, Isaac Chipampe.

A financial scandal involving the supply of $17million worth of medicine was unearthed by the Auditor General’s Office and the Parliamentary Accounts Committee.

It has been established that a supplier, Honeybee supplied leaking condoms, gloves and fake medicine.

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  • comment-avatar
    sambannangela 1 week ago

    Too late bakateka this has been long overdue. Anyway this has been your work culture

  • comment-avatar
    Chilf of God 1 week ago

    Too late. All of you are getting fired come 2021. God has heard our cry. Being a Christian is about power not being a fool as you have perceived us to be. God has power over the devil.Wishing you happy time in Zambian jails where you all belong.

  • comment-avatar
    Masiye 1 week ago

    Why don’t you give us small CVs of the incoming Ministers just to have an idea of where they are coming from?

  • comment-avatar
    Matt 1 week ago

    Well overdue. Good riddance to bad rubbish. The mansion and other homes he obtained while in tenure must be confiscated. Government officials have no right to abuse their civil servant positions to enrich themselves.Period. Nobody is above the law. He must face criminal charges for stealing money that never belonged to him. By holding these officials accountable for abusing their high offices will send a strong message to others not engage in such lawlessness acts.

  • comment-avatar
    What about civil servants? 1 week ago

    Long overdue! Thank u President HH. This is not enough as civil servant who are. mandated to say no to any wrong doing by a Minister hv been spared. Fire all civil servants involved pls before they excitedly contaminate Jonas Chanda

  • comment-avatar
    Chalila 1 week ago

    What about the officials within ministry who worked with Dr Chilufya? I imagine the PSs, the senior directors for procurement and accounting. The heads of pharmacy and other equipment used in hospitals? Do they get a pass? Shouldn’t they go with the minister? Otherwise they will initiate the new minister of health in the same crookedness

  • comment-avatar
    Shakes 1 week ago

    What about Kampongo for the reckless killing of innocent Zambians by police?

  • comment-avatar
    Buck Teeth Lungu 1 week ago

    Iwe PFoool One, is this enough punishment, just sacking a proven PFief? This Chilufya pfief must be prosecuted and jailed. PFoool One will also be prosecuted for corruption and treason after August 2021.

  • comment-avatar
    Joe Mask 1 week ago

    Bye now it’s time for pay back all those mansions you have must be investigated