Minister Chiteme and his diapers

Minister Chiteme and his diapers

Minister of National Development Planning Hon Alexander Chiteme Says????????

“I was once a stock handler in a shop in Kabwe, helped my sister in the UK raise her twins, yes I am good at changing diapers, I was a barista, not a barrister at law, no, a coffee maker for the white people, whilst studying for my MS. A job is a job.

“So as you can see, not only am I a public servant, a businessman, a trained accountant, a miner, but I am also an expert in making coffee and changing diapers,” Chiteme said.

CHiteme says this ‘humble background’ always plays a pivotal role in how he views public service. As a vehicle to uplift the living standards of every Zambian.

ZWD COMMENT: we find Chiteme’s comments misguided and misplaced. There is nothing extraordinary, special or worthy self-ululating about what Chiteme did in UK. Working in restaurants, shops care-homes etc is what more than 90 per cent of students from Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe (poor part of Europe or former USSR countries) who are studying in UK , USA and Canada do. It’s the only means to help parents by generating your own income as a student for your upkeep. UK is expensive. Tuition fee alone in universities is between £10, 000 and £15, 000 per year. That is K200, 000 plus. Add accommodation, transport and food to that. So it is expected that students dedicate some hours to raise their own income by working.

So what Chiteme did is not special and is not even worthy boasting about. Making coffee is actually a prestigious job for a student from Africa in Uk. Other Students do really dirty jobs to survive. Knowing how to change diapers is hardly a skill to boast about on radio. It’s just a responsibility anyone can do to a sibling or child. We are sure there are people other than his mother that changed Chiteme diapers though we think he used napkins.

In future, when you are invited to talk on radio, we all sense and things beneficial to the nation. You are a minister.

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