Minister Hamukale boasts he’s sexually powerful, after impregnating his cousin

Edify Hamukale

Pregnant Linda Shimunzhila

PF minister in Southern province Edify Hamukale has declared that he has great sexual strength which he described as being ‘bad news in bed’. Hamukale has been having a sexual affair with his cousin Linda Shimunzhila in spite of her being engaged to another man.

Openly commenting on circumcision during a press briefing which he called at his office in Choma, he said that he is a circumcised man and the act made him ‘bad news in bed’. He also took a swipe at other men who have remained uncircumcised as not being as clean as his manhood.

And commentators close to Hamukale have said that the musician cum politician’s comments could be verified by him having twice impregnated his cousin whom he was keeping in his house.

Shimunzhila, a teacher was under Hamukale’s care when he was working at Prevention Against Malnutrition but twice impregnated her. The first pregnancy occurred when she was in grade 11 but had it aborted. To compensate for the damage, he pledged to sponsor her up to college but while she was at Chalimbana college she fell pregnant of him in spite of her being engaged to another man.

We challenge Hamukale to refute this, because his misdeeds are known by some lecturers who were teaching Linda at Chalimbana, some were his classmates at school.


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    snodgrass smith 7 months

    Look, Zambian culture is based on incest sex.

    In my school research 1000 years ago I happened upon the real history of the Luba, Lunda and Other peoples of Zambia.

    It is commonplace in these societies for people of influence and/or wealth to keep the wealth in their “family” by marrying (or having sex) their cousins and even biological sisters. That is why most royal families and families of wealthy people in Zambia have high levels of genetic disorders.

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    KONA 7 months


  • Laws r in different forms. Muzungu law and African law aka traditional law

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    ifwabupuba ba minister.

  • ba edy sure!

  • Tonga bull nt satisfied with one cow…kikikiki

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    Spencer kapacha 7 months

    Why is the people’s representative behaving like an animal?Does he even know what it means to be minister?Incest is a sin only as fool would old was she in grade 11 when the first pregnancy occurred?It’s obvious he has impregnated the girl on several occasions not just twice.THe Minister has been defiling the cousin from inception.he’s a disgrace to his profession…

  • Mwabombeni ba Hamukale wesu???

  • dats very false zwd

  • He said he is bad. Could mean anything in his mind despite the obvious meaning.

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    Ba watchdog, you can even marry a cousin whats wrong with you leave Hamukale.

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  • Emotion , you only live once.

  • There’s nothing about incest.. Cousin thats the end of the family..No blood connection…!

  • Why embarrassing the minister! He was just talking about advantages of circumcision & not insulting any one. All of us are sinners.

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    1junta leader on this one,this man feels he bought this woman when he financed her education,she could not say NO!,which is not supposed to be the case,there are alot of this kind of men who even sleep and impregnates their own daughters,nieces,inlaws and the family remains quiet and it will remain a family scret,expose these maron’s.

  • Mr. Hamukale was not supposed to have have sex with a close relative,he acted foolishly or maybe he’s possessed. Deliverance is need including those supporting him. Stop animal behavior my fe fellow country men.

  • We should do away with all bad traditions and customs. We should stick to Christian principles since Zambia is a Christian Nation.Remember the devil is allover like a roaring lion looking for those to devour. Bad things and habits are usually attractive. WATCH OUT!

  • Nonsense!!!! Powerful in bed my foot. Which sane person declares how good they are in bed? Bedroom matters in public, bwafya sana..

  • is this a news or what? useless ba watchdog

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    Charles Nawa 7 months

    He deserves not to minister should be fired what a public insult & disagrace.

  • u dont play wth dogs come on guys yeah

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    Prince Mande 7 months

    How can one be bad news in bed with a cousin, shameless man

  • Some Of People Have A Behaviors Like Animals Which Can Even Have Sex To Their Parents . So Hamukale Needs Prayers

  • If ZWD targets you,this world we know to be big becomes as small as a living room in a small house.

  • wat a sinfull soul hope z nt maried so dat they get married