Minister Hamukale boasts he’s sexually powerful, after impregnating his cousin

Edify Hamukale

Pregnant Linda Shimunzhila

PF minister in Southern province Edify Hamukale has declared that he has great sexual strength which he described as being ‘bad news in bed’. Hamukale has been having a sexual affair with his cousin Linda Shimunzhila in spite of her being engaged to another man.

Openly commenting on circumcision during a press briefing which he called at his office in Choma, he said that he is a circumcised man and the act made him ‘bad news in bed’. He also took a swipe at other men who have remained uncircumcised as not being as clean as his manhood.

And commentators close to Hamukale have said that the musician cum politician’s comments could be verified by him having twice impregnated his cousin whom he was keeping in his house.

Shimunzhila, a teacher was under Hamukale’s care when he was working at Prevention Against Malnutrition but twice impregnated her. The first pregnancy occurred when she was in grade 11 but had it aborted. To compensate for the damage, he pledged to sponsor her up to college but while she was at Chalimbana college she fell pregnant of him in spite of her being engaged to another man.

We challenge Hamukale to refute this, because his misdeeds are known by some lecturers who were teaching Linda at Chalimbana, some were his classmates at school.


  • sex z gud ba muntu, calilowa icitu cilya. dats gud ma bro. ECAKULYA CANDI NAINE, APALI UKULYA KULYA nothing you can do just fuck guys.

  • OK ,Mutinta, kachuubauba mwaokwesu .

  • what has SDA have to do with this, your report should be on Edify not SDA. stop denting the name of the Church just because of one careless individual

  • false reporters wr do u get thz

  • test by impregnant yours also.

  • another motherfucker!

  • Why are following the private life of him? What are we learning from this? Are you sure we really to know this? I felt there are a number developmental stories you can talk about to improve livelihood of people. Think critically before you post certain information. I do appreciate most information you post but the private life of individuals no

    • There is no private life in public office. If you agree to take up a public office then change your private life because it will affect your public life

  • Stupid story and fake report….. Report something positive not always negative about some people …….. No one is 100%bad or 100% good…… What sense are we getting from this stupid story ………

  • every wh sapot hamukale think if dat poor lady was yo child hw woud u feel?rabish

  • PF Minister Kkkkkkk,,,,a Minister! I Cant Do That Stupidity To My Sister. PF Yes.

  • dise ar leaders wh lead wit bad manners i hate u mr minister

  • ATTENTION ALL ZAMBIANS!!!! wen a church member have done something wrong in society,stop menthioning the name of a church just talk on him pliz

  • Bad manifesto.

  • Who is a complaint in this case? . Anyway
    , Eddie seems to be human also .The is the reason he goes to church .In Eastern and Southern Provinces of Zambia, cousins are always our little failings .
    Am not justifying anything but this is what has been happening and tolerated for a long time .
    Ask Chief Mpenzeni ,he would probably say,” mulekeni tyala, alive mulandu” .

    • Isaac Ngoma there’s no complainant here but since these politicians are paid by tax payers money and its citizens that voted to put them in office then I think citizens have the right to know what people the voted for are doing behind closed doors so people can make a good judgement next when voting, so there’s nothing for you to justify here coz at all his a married man whose cheating on his wife, have some morals and dignity

    • if this z a crime acoding to zambian laws then the complanant is you the people of zambia.

  • wat a shame pliz!yo sister’s daughter is yo daugher,how can u sleep with her?stop this dear!

  • Ba gospel musician futi aaàaaaa.

  • If this is true then I describe it as stupidity and that he does not deserve to be a Minister, what lesson can e the young one’s learn, rubbish!

  • Even abortion will now become tribal?

  • He deserves it he has become too careless of late.

  • Eh eh makani

  • Tell us the details of HH’s bastard daughter also…how he impregnanted her and the condom that burst

  • Then what? How does that help the nation? Ummmmm. Bring people who have stolen national resources, plunderers, and things that affect us all. Not personal issues. We don’t hate hamukale.. And he is working hard for his family and nation. When we come to read yo news or posts don’t think we personally hate these guys. We just want to kno how our country is being governed. Bcoz we have a responsibility as citizens.

    • Dickson, Watchdog is keeping you informed on the type of people who are running over your national affairs. Now you are saying it is personal. NO. It is a national interest

    • The persons individual character has much to do with one’s ability to manage public affairs, in the developed world people have lost jobs coz of such revelations

    • As Africans our cultures r really different from the west . if we where to live like Europeans it would take a lot of generations from now. Anyway if that knowledge will help the nation go ahead.

    • If you dickson mwewa are impotent, it doesn’t affect the nation in any way. We would really never care if you are a quarter inch dick or nine inches. But i expect a minister who lives on my tax kwacha to morally upright and exemplarly in his conduct. I don’t expect him to run his mouth anyhow and start boasting about his libido publicly.

    • We have typical examples. Zuma is one of them. I strongly feel he didn’t know it would be misinterpreted. He was trying to give information on male circumcision . maybe he said too much. We r all sinners friends. Am sure he didn’t say he had libido for his cousin bcoz of mc. Let’s not forget or pretend to be whites with all the good morals. What else has he done which other pipo have never done. It may not be with a cousin, bcoz Tongas do that with cousins at times, but with other women as well.

    • Can you imagine

  • ZWD. You guys can dig.

  • Incest/phonication is sin

  • You are only talking about the man,what about the lady?She was not forced they I greed,mistake 2times she loves the man.

  • Dat’s whn de law enforcement shud chip in en arrest dis minister for incest.Law is law baba.

  • I don’t think mr hamukale sinned, Easteners marry their cousens.

  • The only crime did is supporting pf.A Zwd tonga admin thats it u are enemy and a traitor to tongaland.thats y some parties are loathed not coz of bad policies but tonga character like Zwd adm and Accurate news tonga admins.

    • Very foolish. Leave the tribe alone you idiot. Have you seen any tribe written in this article? Be ashamed of your tribal remarks

  • Leave my traditional cousin alone. I,ve lived with tongas 4 a longtime.Their culture is very rich. Going 2 bed or marrying a cousin is not a grave offence according to their culture. However tonga bulls cease to have sexual appetite 4 their female cousin when they get engaged to other men. But b4 u Judge or fire more missiles to this tonga bull, be fair and ask yourself. Who first damaged this lady in grade 11? And who again followed to damage the same lady at chalimbana college? Please cousin just marry that lady if this story is true. U,re just embarrassing us lozis.Tho we know that (komu ica mutana wayona). But not all tonga bulls does what u did.Repent orelse we shall not hesitate to come in as lozi warriors to capture u and protect our God given wives from your weapon of mass destruction in bed.

  • ZWD awa mwandi mwalikwata data base. Even me an ordinary person i really reserve my comments against zambian watch dog. Its like you have data abt all citizens. Yu made a gud day for me.

    • They are bad news my dear kikikiki

    • you must be foolish both of you is the news you cn celebrate about.grow up you two .its his personal life .why your nose in other peoples lives

    • Can you you call data something that has to do with someone’s private life & do you know what data is?. so dont comment blindly coz that is being stupid on your part and to the one who is supporting u.

    • That picture is interesting taken after job… kkkk between two thighs lol

  • Cousin munani

  • ZWD they don’t joke

  • When did ths dundumwezi started smoking?ati bad news eish

  • Such nonsense coming from an elderly person and you except our country to develop sure….busy marketing his grubby circumcised dick on social medias elo nensoni shalipwa vimidala va pala….mind you, alot are circumcised and very powerful,so it your ass down and think about it.

  • Some tribes do have sex with their cousins, depending on which side of the family, so do more research before you conderm the minister, not a very strange thing especially from a certain tribe I know, they say ‘ keeping the clan”..


    • It’s not a tribe that does that but a person. Therefore do not attack the tribe but the offenders.

    • Its not only certain clan why not mention that clan….
      My dear move out of yo doldrum and learn certin cultures ok.
      Muslims that is part of their life …They marry their cousins,bear children and life goes on.
      This u should know that these pipo dont just marry the way u married ,”eloping” no their parents are the ones planning all the marriages of the children .ok.
      So pliz dont insult others…

    • Sex knows no tribe,it behaves like a spoiled child.

    • your aunty is your mother, how can you have sex with your mother’s daughter! Just think about it people.

    • A cousin in some of our tribes is not your mother’s sister’s daughter but your mother’s brother’s daughter.Just like to our fathers’ side,a cousin is your father’s sister’s daugher.These are the two cousins that they used to marry in the olden days,but the practice is nolonger there.

    • ninkasha ba gelo ubwingi..Bupuba ubo

    • Yur Madness Hav Reached An Advanced Stage

    • How can you marry a person you are related to. When she is not around you will go for your sister or daughter.

    • She’s demonized and why didn’t her parents move her after the first pregnance and is the ministers okay with this arrangement

    • Natural law vs conventional law…

    • Foolishness even a third time

    • sleeping with your cousin is evil biblicaly,suporting that is foolishness .

    • The gods mast be crazy

    • The gods mast be crazy

    • #jacksonchileshe, my friend a tribe will do that in a sense that culture comes in. Eg. Some tribes sisters can get marred to one man. In typical bemba land polygamy is not headed of . but with mambwes its normal. So our cultures realy have a lot in this matter.

    • Having sex with your cousin is Leviticus 18.

  • I Knew Hamukale A Long Tym Ago,,,not As An SDA Church Musician NO,,, But As A Circular Traditional Local Musician,,, Dont Involve S.D.A in this .

    • comment-avatar
      Sunu Sunu 7 months

      Secular Aishya. Such fumbles come from writing phonetically.

  • If Hamukale is wise,let him keep quiet or else ZWD will unleash more damaging information

  • instead of delivering development to people who voted for u, but busy bombasting someone’s child. Bushiit!!!!!


  • If sex was a subject alot would be getting distinctions and it would have been a compulsory subject.

  • Such calibre of men ?

  • No comment……

  • Mubi musankwa!!

  • Sammy Brighton Sammy Brighton