Minister Hamukale justifies paying himself K70000 from musicians fees

Minister Hamukale justifies paying himself K70000 from musicians fees

Southern Province Minister Edify Hamukale says musicians should learn to be creative and make more money instead of complaining about K70, 000 he paid himself.

During the just endedSouthern Province Tourism and Investment Expo in Livingstone, Hamukale paid himself K71, 000 from money that was meant to pay musicians that performed during the event.

But Hamukale decided to put his boring band on the top list and paid himself in advance.

Zambia Association of Musicians Deputy Secretary Davison Munsanda said Hamukale placed his personal interests above the interests of deserving artists.

Other have not been paid in full upto now and a few were paid smaller amounts compared to Hamukale.

Mr Munsanda who is also National Arts Council Southern Province Chairperson questioned how Hamukale’s Band was awarded the tender to perform at the Expo.

He said Artistes were now demanding answers from Hamukale over failure to declare interest as an Artist at the Expo.

But Hamukale says he has no explanation to give to anyone as he is a senior musician who deserves better pay for his performance.

Hamukale, who also got allowances as minister, says other musicians should stop complaining but appreciate his performance during the event.

Hamukale says he can’t be told to account for K70, 000 as he has more money and that ‘70 pin is just for my airtime

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