Minister helps suspect escape from Chinama

Minister helps suspect escape from Chinama


A dangerous mentally challenged and violent Chinese thug Jiang Zhang is on the lose after Minister of Local Government Charles Banda in partnership with some senior Police as well as some other senior government officials helped him escape.

Zhang has put a number of senior government officials on monthly payroll. Some Police , Minister of Local Government Charles Banda, some judges, the entire Chongwe District Council and some ACC officials all get paid by him.

The subordinate court in Lusaka ordered that Zhang goes for psychiatric examination to check for his mental state after a series of complaints from some of his personal workers as well as members of the public.

According to the court document, the subordinate court last week on November 25 ordered that Jiang Zhang, resident of Lusaka’s Water Falls area be detained and subjected to mental checkup.

This was after a Teddy Mwaba took Mr Zhangu to court for incoherent, abusive, aggressive, and depressive behavior among others.

“An inquiry is hereby instructed in this court that mental state of the above named person (Jiang Zhang) here referred to as a patient in accordance with the section of mental disorder Act cap 539.

“And it is hereby ordered that the patient be apprehended and detained in the mental Annex Chainama Hills Hospital for the period of 14 days there to be medically examined by two registered practitioners,” part of the court order reads.

When the police went to Mr Zhang’s place to pick him up and take him to Chainama hospital, they found he had escaped after getting help from Minister of Local Government Charles Banda.

Intelligence report has it that Zhang has spies within the Judiciary who tipped him of his chainama case and upon being told that he was going to be picked for Chainama keeping, he informed Charles Banda.

The complainant, Mr Mwaba has explained that he decided to take Mr Zhang to court because he had become a danger to society.

He said he has known Mr Zhang for over five years but of late, he has been incoherent, abusive, and aggressive towards his workers and other people around him.

“I actually had an appointment with him, but when I reached at his office, he became abusive and aggressive.He almost beat me up for npo apparent reason and his workers also complained that he has been behaving strangely.

“And I did not want to take the law in my hands, that is why I took him to court so that he can be examined because he might just kill innocent Zambians who are working for him,” Mr Mwaba said.

He added, “ it’s unfortunate that he ran away from the police but we want him to be taken to Chainama so that his mental state is ascertain, and he might probably be assisted.”

Efforts to get the police for a comment at press time proved futile.

Once a person is taken to a hospital for a psychiatric examination, the doctor who examines them must decides within 14 days whether to release them, or keep them in the hospital for a longer period of time.
Until the doctor makes a decision, they are not free to leave the hospital.
If the examining doctor decides the person is not a danger to themselves or anyone else, the person will be released from the hospital, and if they have not been charged with a criminal offence, released from police custody too.

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