Minister implicated in witchcraft, road accident

Minister implicated in witchcraft, road accident

These witchcraft artefacts were found at an accident scene in Luapula province where seven people died.

According to information gathered by the Watchdog, Dr. Simon Mwale dispatched a Sangoma to the. Minister of health over the weekend.

Along the way, the sangoma and his crew were involved in this road accident but the Sangoma and driver escaped.

Police later arrested the driver for careless and dangerous driving and the Sangoma to help police understand what he was carrying in the car.

The minister was informed and he immediately instructed the police to release the suspects and told them to say nothing to journalists.

But police are refusing to badge especially that lives were lost.

Apart from these witchcraft missiles, police found huge sums of money in the car.

Dr Mwale is the front running Luapula medical university on behalf of the minister.

Police in the area are wondering why a minister would hire Sangomas with some suspect that he is targeting the president.

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