Minister Kalaba insists on giving lover job at embassy

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 09.35.39Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 09.36.00Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba has insisted that his Girlfriend only known as Maloni from Grace Ministries Pentecostal Church in Lusaka should be appointed  as First Secretary for Trade at the Zambia’s High Commission in Tanzania despite counsel from officers from the Office of the President.

A source at Cabinet Office has disclosed that the Bahati Member of Parliament has since directed the Acting Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to forcefully evict Mr. Yosi Miti from Tanzania so that he is replaced with his girlfriend whom he has a child with and also a church mate.

“The Minister took advantage of the absence of the substantive Permanent Secretary and directed the Acting PS a Mr. Mbumba to direct our High Commissioner in Tanzania to send back an innocent person so that he is replaced by the Minister’s girlfriend,” the source said.

The source said, Mr.Yosi Miti had appealed to the Public service Management Division at Cabinet office to be given time so that he can prepare to leave but the Minister ordered the hearing to proceed without even Mr. Miti’s presence.

“You know the man has appealed. He got a loan from a bank in Tanzania and part of the condition is that he can not leave the country minus settling the loan. He can not cross with his vehicle and spouse’s vehicle before the loan is liquidated. So he asked for time but the appeal was heard in his absence,” the source said.

The source said what was more worrying is that Maloni is not a government employee bit just from the street.

“It is very painful. The person the Minister wants to create space for the girlfriend is a qualified economist and worked with Ministry of Commerce before he was sent in diplomatic service but Maloni is just a Minister’s prostitute. We can understand if she is a civil servant,” the source lamented.

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