Minister Kalima too sick to work

Minister Kalima too sick to work

Gender Minister Victoria Kalima is critically ill and unable to carry out her duties as minister.

Kalima who is currently serving as Minister of Gender has not even been to her office situated at government complex since November last year due to ill health.

Chiefs and traditional affairs minister Lawrence Sichalwe has been acting in her absence secretly,

Kalima who is a staunch MMD die hard was forced to join PF by her Godfather Rupiah Banda when he made a few corrupt deals with Lungu in 2015.

Checks at her office for the last one week found her office empty, Kalima has also not been attending cabinet meetings.

In a normal country, Kalima would have stepped down to allow someone healthy to take over, or the President would have relived her if her duties, but none of them understand leadership as long as they are enjoying tax payers money.

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