Minister Katambo finishes paying Lobola for new wife

Minister Katambo finishes paying Lobola for new wife

After kicking out his wife, PF minister of agriculture Michael Katambo has paid lobola for his fiancé Rudo Zulu, in the photo.

Katambo paid K50, 000 lobola to Rudo’s father Mr Lucas Zulu last weekend. A private wedding is to take place anytime soon while Katambo’s wife is languishing at his father’s place where she was dumped. Minister Katambo and the wife he dumped last December were married for 27 years and have grand children.

Katambo married Grace Mushili, the daughter of senior chief Mushili of the Lamba-speaking people of Ndola rural in the early 1990s traditionally which is easy to divorce. The man simply needs to dump the woman at her tether’s place or next relative.

Under traditional marriage, a woman owns nothing even if they made the family money together as in this case, and Katambo is taking advantage of this. But with good lawyers, the dumped woman can get half the money including the matrimonial home.

Though he sent his wife with only few belongings, Katambo has bought his new wife houses including the one she is currently occupying in Roma, Lusaka.

Katambo who has become excessively rich due to corruption from fertiliser contracts has also volunteered to take of Rudo’s family while neglecting family of woman who took care of him when he was a pauper.

For example, ‘Rudo has a half sister called Juanita,marreid to a police man by the name of Mundandamo Kaweza.They lives in a rented house in Libala stage 4 b.The couple has 8 children and Katambo is paying rent for them and building a house for them,’ the Watchdog has been informed. Katambo has secured jobs for about 5 of Rudo’s relatives in government and has just given Kaweza, the police man a job in the ministry of tourism.

Katambo was poor until he married Grace, a business lady, at that time but gave up her business to take care of the home while the minister was at work.

“She made him join politics, she used her money till he won and became a minister. Since he became a minister, he has a lot of women and kids from different women. He wants to marry one of them. He has built a house for her in Roma, bought her a Toyota Fortuner, white in colour, [and] on her birthday, he bought her Range Rover,” one source past December.

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